Appearing on Kremlin TV is not OK

Propastop presents its position on the appearance of Estonian politicians on Russian propaganda television. Why are we opposed to these types of appearances?

Freedom of Speech does not entitle hostile propaganda

In mid-April, at the peak of the coronavirus, there was news that Estonia had dropped three positions in the press freedom index and is now ranked at 14th.

The Kremlin election compass

Who is in the Kremlin’s favour in the Estonian Parliamentary elections? Which political parties and politicians are under the control of our Eastern neighbours?

An inexact translation brought a Christmas gift of a wave of propaganda

Fake news that began due to Parliament’s minutes having been incorrectly translated brought forth propagandistic stories in the Kremlin media during the holidays.

Is an accusative resolution against Estonia developing into a propaganda attack?

The Eesti Päevaleht wrote about a resolution on the European Union of minorities, which gave false accusations against Estonia. Read how far the one sided statements have spread.

Riho Ühtegi’s hawkish words resound in the Kremlin media

The words of Estonian officials have caused a flood of articles in the Russian media: already the fourth similar event in recent months. Propastop sees a definite pattern forming behind the scenes.

Propaganda in March

Information warfare and the new advent of the Cold War dominated the topics in March. The case of the Skirpal poisoning and the Cambridge Analytica revelations on the use of Facebook data laid a considerable foundation for the month.

A website fighting against fake news is threatened with closure

In mid January began a rather unique event in Holland, which today includes both media publications, the courts as well as the Dutch Parliament and ministers. This could be fatal to the EuvsDisinfo website, which fights against fake news and Russian propaganda.

Estonian cover girls and boys on Russian TV

Today we offer an overview of the people who are representing Estonia on Russian television channels. At the same time, we are offering an idea on how to find new opinion leaders who are associated with Estonia. Read about it here!

New attempt: The Kremlin provokes the EP again to punish Estonia

In mid September the Russian propaganda channel NTV televised in their news program a story based on the analysis of the Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union’s General Secretariat of the European Parliament, which gave the impression that the European Parliament was worried about the Russian speaking population of Estonia.