An inexact translation brought a Christmas gift of a wave of propaganda

Fake news that began due to Parliament’s minutes having been incorrectly translated brought forth propagandistic stories in the Kremlin media during the holidays.

Propaganda attacks, which did not prevail in the news

Terrorists from Ukraine work in Estonia. Biological weapons are created here. Our media lies. Read the latest, most fantastical tidbits from the Kremlin propaganda media.

Propaganda alert: Forest Brother’s song causes alarm in the Kremlin media

Propastop noticed that at the beginning of the week, the Russian media had a spreading news story referring to Estonian Defence Forces singing about killing Russians while marching. These headlines began surfacing on Monday and continued to spread on Tuesday.

A brand new attack from the Kremlin media: „The Maarjamäe complex is to be demolished! “

During the weekend, a great number of new articles appeared where they are blaming Estonia with wanting to demolish another Soviet monument. Read more about the propaganda attack here!

Accusations of Apartheid in Kremlin media headlines

The German publication Der Spiegel used the term „apartheid“ in an article about stateless people in Estonia and Latvia. Kremlin related portals brought out the offensive term in their headlines. Read all about it here!

Kiviõli glacier boulder’s saga

Propastop tried to figure out whether the defacement of a memorial stone in Kiviõli (small Estonian town) and the subsequent media coverage was a deliberately prepared information operation. We restored the event timeline and gave a comment based on that.