What plans does Putin have for the Ukraine?

Can the Kremlin’s intentions in Ukraine be predicted on the basis of what is happening on the propaganda front? Read more!

Winners and Losers in the Babchenko case

The critical material published by the Kremlin on the staging of the murder of journalist Arkadi Babtšenko and the media operation that followed has raised a lot of opposing opinions.

Moldova has begun restricting Propaganda channels

Moldova passed a law on January 10th to restrict Russian Propaganda channels’ broadcasts in the country.

Imagine there is an ongoing war and nobody notices

Hannes Grassegger wrote an in-depth story on Estonian cyber conflicts, the information war and the fight against propaganda. The stories translation can be read at the Geenius.ee website.

Peace march, a Trojan horse

An anti-NATO „Peace March“ will take place in Tallinn on the second weekend in September. The main organizer of this provoking type of endeavor is Allan Hantsom who has been found guilty of anti- Estonian activities.

May, propaganda month

Propastop will launch a new section that will be publishing summaries of topics from the previous month, which did not get more comprehensive postings, but, in the editor’s opinion, deserve to be mentioned.

Sirp: (video)games in infowars

Propastop blog aims to draw attention to various ways propaganda is conducted and distributed. This way the reader will have the possibility to assess their efficacy. The volunteers found from a cultural newspaper „Sirp“ an article about what role games have in info wars and propaganda.

Germany in Russian propaganda grip

Disinfo Review has drawn attention to the Russian media, especially to the public television channels talk shows, that participate in a defamation campaign against Germany.

“Honestly, we are not going to attack Russia!”

Estonia has become known in the world as being a forefront country in a potential Western-Russian conflict. Whether and how to change this image, or how could this be put to better use?