Propastop analysis: Russian propaganda attacks the legitimacy of the Ukrainian President

As President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s nominal term ends on 20 May, Kremlin propaganda attacks the credibility of the Ukrainian Head of State in the eyes of his most important allies and seeks to undermine the President’s legitimacy in the eyes of Ukrainians.

Who are the NAFO ‘fellas’ fighting misinformation online?

An online community based around dog memes has become an unlikely thorn in the side of Kremlin propagandists.

Why propagandists are battling to redefine ‘vatnik’

‘Vatnik’ was first defined by Russians as a jingoistic follower of their government’s propaganda. Some people are trying to make you think otherwise.

Over one hundred fake accounts are connected with #ESTexitEU

Propastop traced the fake news spreading from Narva and discovered a number of fake accounts. Their very large number was surprising.

Twitter bots attack Estonia: truth or false?

Last week, media reports revealed, that in April the identities of dozens of followers in the Twitter accounts of Estonian politicians and opinion leaders are in question. Propastop’s editorial board looked into the doubts in question.

Who in Estonia should be activating a fact controlling process?

On December 18th the Vikerraadio program Uudis+ (News +) broadcast had the program director Mirk Ojakivi and the CEO of the Estonian Newspaper Association, Mart Raudsaar discussing false news. Mr. Raudsaar put forth the idea that Estonia needs a special unit for fighting false news.

Propaganda in November

Propastop regards November as a rather modest and calm month for ant-Estonian influence activities. Russia remained passive, mostly by the prolongation of familiar propaganda events in various stories on their web of national media channels.

Are only robots operating on Twitter?

At the beginning of the month, NATO’s Strat Com centre in Riga published a study in which they found that in some limited topics the majority of Twitter’s Russian-language posts were automated bots. Can this conclusion be generalized for all of Twitter?

Social media is under siege due to false news

Activities to block the spread of false news in Social media are progressing at an ever-increasing pace. Propastop analyzes the development of this topic.

Spain, the Kremlin media’s newest target

The upcoming Catalonia independence referendum on October 1 has caused the Russian propaganda machine to turn its attention towards Spain. Read it here!