Patrikarakos: Legislation is needed to control Social Media giants

Propastop interviewed David Patrikarakos, author of the book „War in 140 Characters: How Social Media Is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century”

The fight against fake accounts: five lessons learned

Facebook has now closed several #ESTexitEU topic related fake accounts. What can we learn from the incident?

Reinsalu’s statement causes a stir in the Kremlin media

The joint statement by the Ministers of Justice of Estonia and Latvia on compensation for losses incurred during the occupation did not find much of a response in the Estonian media. The Russian propaganda media on the other hand responded dramatically. Read more!

Riho Ühtegi’s hawkish words resound in the Kremlin media

The words of Estonian officials have caused a flood of articles in the Russian media: already the fourth similar event in recent months. Propastop sees a definite pattern forming behind the scenes.

Estonian politicians as valuable base material for Russian propaganda media

Over the past half year, Russian propaganda media has made special note of the statements of Estonian politicians. A supplement over there to President Ilves’ recent statement at the beginning of June caused a news sensation.

Twitter bots attack Estonia: truth or false?

Last week, media reports revealed, that in April the identities of dozens of followers in the Twitter accounts of Estonian politicians and opinion leaders are in question. Propastop’s editorial board looked into the doubts in question.

Are only robots operating on Twitter?

At the beginning of the month, NATO’s Strat Com centre in Riga published a study in which they found that in some limited topics the majority of Twitter’s Russian-language posts were automated bots. Can this conclusion be generalized for all of Twitter?

A working tool for tracking our eastern neighbour’s activities

The Alliance for Securing Democracy initiated an analytical centre called Hamilton68 in August, where they give a real-time overview of Russian influence operations on Twitter.

Propaganda in the month of July

Propastop will bring forth the most important subjects from July, which unfortunately did not reach the blog posts, but are still worth mentioning. We will cover the discussion topics “Does Estonia need its own army of elves?” and how president Ilves supports the fight against propaganda. Also, how president Kaljulaid warns us against counter propaganda.