Sputnik versus Sputnik

The opinion story of journalist Pavel Ivanov draws parallels between the two Sputniks, the vaccine and the propaganda channel. The Estonian Russian-language press attitudes are similar towards both.

ERR shares its news in pro-Kremlin groups

The Russian-language editorial board of ERR must stop posting its news in groups that actively share anti-Estonian propaganda channels.

Kremlin channels are overemphasizing the propagandist’s entry ban

Estonian authorities restricted Izvestija worker Andrei Zakharov from entering Europe. The case is currently receiving a lot of attention in the Russian media, including an ongoing propaganda attack.

Come and help curb propaganda channels!

Do you think that Sputnik and Baltnews should have its wings clipped? Then speak up in the rahvaalgatus.ee (Citizen Initiative Portal) environment. Invite your friends to also join!

How to close down Baltnews and Sputnik

In July, several countries took steps to combat Russian propaganda channels. It is also time for Estonia to act.

Baltnews came out of the closet

This week you can read on the Baltnews website that they are owned by Russia Today and registered in Moscow.

The Kremlin’s media is lying: The Estonian President does not consider the Russian language a threat

The upcoming Moscow visit by President Kersti Kaljulaid has brought out several propagandistic headlines by Russian news agencies.

This is how the propaganda machine is controlled

Let us summarize recent articles in the world media that open up the hidden backdrop of the functioning of the Russian propaganda media.

Are you distributing Sputnik infographics as well?

In the last month, the dissemination of infographics created by the Kremlin propaganda channel Sputnik has become more noticeable in Estonian-language social media.

The Kremlin election compass

Who is in the Kremlin’s favour in the Estonian Parliamentary elections? Which political parties and politicians are under the control of our Eastern neighbours?