Screenshots of fake news articles are on the rise across social media

Headlines are impactful. Propagandists know that most people who see the screenshot of a headline on social media won’t investigate to see if the actual article was ever really published.

Why propagandists are battling to redefine ‘vatnik’

‘Vatnik’ was first defined by Russians as a jingoistic follower of their government’s propaganda. Some people are trying to make you think otherwise.

How online trolls popped up to attack Estonia’s defence readiness exercise

Estonia recently conducted snap military exercises. The online trolls seeking to spread misinformation about it were activated too. Here’s how they operate.

The curious case of Latvia’s missing bus benches

Kremlin propaganda claims Latvians are stealing benches to keep warm without Russian energy, but the suspicious story raises far more questions.

Kremlin propaganda is seeping into Reddit

Reddit, “the front page of the internet”, brings together niche online communities in largely positive ways. But where there’s people to influence, Kremlin propagandists are there too.

Over one hundred fake accounts are connected with #ESTexitEU

Propastop traced the fake news spreading from Narva and discovered a number of fake accounts. Their very large number was surprising.

An inexact translation brought a Christmas gift of a wave of propaganda

Fake news that began due to Parliament’s minutes having been incorrectly translated brought forth propagandistic stories in the Kremlin media during the holidays.