Russia’s Embassy in Estonia claims Russia is the real victim of Russia’s sexual violence in Ukraine

The Kremlin referred to a group of women in Estonia protesting sexual violence as ‘Russophobes’. We explore the history of the term and why the protest took place.

Some good and bad news at the same time

Last week in the Kremlin propaganda media: A surprisingly widespread article about Estonia’s positive side and recent propaganda attacks related to World War II memorials.

News word – Baltophobia

Latvian actor and political commentator Andris Lielais sent out an idea on a program at the Latvian radio station Baltcom that Russia is currently suffering from Baltophobia.

Estonia was attacked again on Kremlin TV

Last Wednesday, the Russian press began a flow of propagandistic reports on Estonia topics, due to the Russian Ambassador being summoned by the Foreign Ministry. Read closer!

The Skripal incident triggered hundreds of narratives

The Sergei Skripal poisoning incident at the beginning of March has triggered a large-scale information attack in the Russian media, where dozens of different types of messages have been used to accuse many others.

Mihkel Raud’s work has drawn Russo phobic accusations

The Russian media have used the strong wording in Mihkel Raud’s new book for propaganda messaging, accusing the author with hatred of Russians. Propastop gives an assessment of the charges

Propaganda horoscope: what awaits us tomorrow?

We are opening a new headline topic, where we will gather predictions on what type of propaganda – media attacks against Estonia may occur in the near future. Read about it here!