Exposed: The Facebook groups spreading Kremlin propaganda

Propastop has identified 17 Facebook groups of concern operating in Estonia. Here’s how to help combat their hate and misinformation.

Why there’s no ‘flood’ of Ukrainian refugees

Autocratic regimes promote metaphors to shape perceptions, such as by portraying Ukrainian refugees as a “flood” into Europe. Yet this metaphor best describes what they are fleeing.

An Estonian digital election expert was used to praise the Kremlin’s e-elections

Florian Marcus, one of the spokespersons for the Estonian e-elections, was implemented to work for Russian propagandists.

The Kremlin’s censoring of the coronavirus is a threat to Estonia

An Estonian person who gets his news from Russian media is given a mistakenly mild impression of this crisis. The result may be a risk to their health.

Propaganda dictionary: soft power

Soft power is a term that describes the state’s ability to influence other countries or individuals through attractiveness, thereby increasing their support or willingness to cooperate.

Propaganda in a humorous manner

Propastop decided to celebrate Estonia’s Midsummers day and also our Victory day on 23th of June, with a bit of entertainment. For this reason, we searched the internet to find anecdotes and jokes in Russian.

May, propaganda month

Propastop will launch a new section that will be publishing summaries of topics from the previous month, which did not get more comprehensive postings, but, in the editor’s opinion, deserve to be mentioned.