The Estonian Internet Foundation receives money from sanctioned Rossiya Segodnya

Services to Sputnik and Baltnews, including the use of .ee-end domains, are subject to EU sanctions and should therefore be terminated. This is easy to do between April and May at the latest.

Propastop People’s Initiative in the jaws of Russia Today

The German-language edition of Russia Today attacked Propastop’s People’s Initiative

How to close down Baltnews and Sputnik

In July, several countries took steps to combat Russian propaganda channels. It is also time for Estonia to act.

A Minister in the Estonian Government is cooperating with Putin’s propaganda channel

Mart Helme’s interview with Baltnews ignores recommendations made by the government’s communications bureau on how to communicate with Kremlin channels.

Spain, the Kremlin media’s newest target

The upcoming Catalonia independence referendum on October 1 has caused the Russian propaganda machine to turn its attention towards Spain. Read it here!

Urve Eslas: information threads run through Russia and Syria

With the permission of Urve Eslas, Propastop published her article on the news, fake news and Russia’s ties to small Western media portals.