Russian propagandists concerned with censorship in the Baltics and Ukraine

Russian propagandists formulated their concerns about the censorship of the material they produce in a report entitled “Censored Europe 2020: Suppressing Freedom of Speech in the Baltics and Ukraine”.

Propaganda attack about Litsmetsa

Have you heard of the memorial in Litsmetsa, Võrumaa County? The Kremlin propaganda media has and is making a big deal about it.

Maarjamägi, military planes and sprats

How much false news has currently been circulated about the Maarjamäe complex? What was written about Estonia in the Russian media last month? Read about it here!

Accusations of falsifying history in the Kremlin media this week

In the beginning of November, the Russian media blamed the Baltic nations of rewriting history. The accusations on this topic were published by RuBaltic as well as shown during a one hour propaganda campaign on the Russian Defence Ministry owned television station Zvezda

Propaganda horoscope: what awaits us tomorrow?

We are opening a new headline topic, where we will gather predictions on what type of propaganda – media attacks against Estonia may occur in the near future. Read about it here!

A new narrative on the Russian propaganda front lines

Propastop analyzes the new narrative “The independent Republic of Estonia will end in 2020”, which has been created and developed by Russia through different speaking points.