Baltnews came out of the closet

This week you can read on the Baltnews website that they are owned by Russia Today and registered in Moscow.

Only today! Boshirov and Petrov are having a lecture presentation in Tallinn!

Propastop is proud to report the success of our organizing team: they were able to bring both Ruslan Boširov and Aleksandr Petrov to Estonia to speak about their work.

This is how the propaganda machine is controlled

Let us summarize recent articles in the world media that open up the hidden backdrop of the functioning of the Russian propaganda media.

British Ofcom found numerous violations in RT’s activities

In December, the UK media regulator Ofcom published a study on the content of RT broadcasts in England, highlighting a number of violations that could lead to further sanctions.

Propaganda in March

Information warfare and the new advent of the Cold War dominated the topics in March. The case of the Skirpal poisoning and the Cambridge Analytica revelations on the use of Facebook data laid a considerable foundation for the month.

Propaganda in November

Propastop regards November as a rather modest and calm month for ant-Estonian influence activities. Russia remained passive, mostly by the prolongation of familiar propaganda events in various stories on their web of national media channels.

Evelyn Kaldoja: Estonia should tell more about its story to the world

Propastop conducted an interview with the head of the editorial section of the Postimees Foreign News, Evelyn Kaldoja. Read what is Estonia’s greatest success in the information war, how to constrain the brainwashed Slovak as well as does the media write too much about tanks

Propaganda in October

Propaganda in October included several analyzes of Russian influence activities, Edward Lucas’s discussion of Russo phobia and a RT advertising campaign on the London Underground as well as the concerned response to it.

German RT accuses Estonia of discrimination

We are used to finding propaganda examples, usually from Russian media. This time Kremlin German language propaganda channels are bothering Estonia. Read more here!

The USA is initiating the marking of Russian propaganda channels

The Foreign Agent Act is being used by the United States to send an order to Russia RT media channels to register all media channels and employees operating in the territory of the United States