A Minister in the Estonian Government is cooperating with Putin’s propaganda channel

Mart Helme’s interview with Baltnews ignores recommendations made by the government’s communications bureau on how to communicate with Kremlin channels.

Propaganda attack about Litsmetsa

Have you heard of the memorial in Litsmetsa, Võrumaa County? The Kremlin propaganda media has and is making a big deal about it.

Sputnik tried to force the Estonian Defence Forces into a corner

Quick actions from the Estonian Defence Forces last week prevented a propaganda attack from the Kremlin media. Although the propaganda channel that initiated the incident tried to still get in the last word.

The condemnation of Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity is in the media this year much more than previously

Russian propaganda media is denouncing Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity with many more accusations this year. Propastop examined how these accusations have changed throughout the years.

Masha and the bear article stimulated media interest

Propastop gave an overview of the popular cartoon series „Masha and the bear “from a Kremlin propaganda perspective on the 22nd of May. The overview gained much attention in the news and reached the Russian media where it caused a large insurgence of Propaganda type articles.

Russian influence activities in Estonian Internal Security Service annual review

Estonian Internal Security Service published their annual review for the year 2016 and Propastop will bring out some sections, that will cover Russian influence activities in Estonia.

The bust of Harald Nugiseks nurtures propaganda media 

One Estonian school opened a bust of Harald Nugieks, an Estonian soldier in German army during World War II. Kremlin propaganda media labelled Estonia immediately as a nazi state.

Ida-Viru secret memo: broad consensus in propaganda media

A local newspaper published a government’s security commission memo. The document covered so-called slipping away possibilities of Ida-Viru county.