A history club that feeds propaganda media

The Club Front Line is connected with anti-Estonian influence activities through the Russian Embassy and propaganda media.

Estonia is unjustifiably associated with the trolling of the Immortal Regiment

The Kremlin is trying to show Estonia as one of the culprits in the case of photos of Nazi leaders uploaded to the website of the Immortal Regiment

Coronavirus spring and May 9.

This year, it is recommended to avoid large Victory Day gatherings. Instead, there is various information on the Internet for alternative celebrations of that day. Propastop reviews them.

Estonian soil has become a propaganda tool for the Russian Armed Forces

In March, capsules containing soil from mass graves in Estonia and eleven other countries were placed in the foyer of the Central Museum of the Russian Armed Forces.

Myth breaker 7: Tallinn was not liberated it was conquered and occupied

Kremlin propaganda continues to spread the myth that Tallinn was liberated on September 22, 1944. Actually in fact, a new Soviet occupation of the Estonian Capital began on that day. Read more!

Myth breaker 3: Estonians are supposed to be fascists

Today we are going to demolish one of the most fundamental Estonian propaganda myths. How to overturn the claim that Fascism is encouraged in Estonia?