The Russian Embassy and ERR: the opinions of experts

What did journalists and media specialists think of last week’s Propastop’s analysis, which scrutinized the publications of the Russian embassy’s messages in ERR? Read the new post!

New Year’s media summary- social media’s worrisome burden

In the last month, the Estonian media has been dominated by stories about using social media channels to manipulate people.

Five ideas for curbing Kremlin propaganda channels

There are far more opportunities against TV channels that are attempting to break up our society, than „lets not do anything“ or „lets close them down“. Read more about it here!

What is psychological defence?

The Propastop library in July introduced „ Psychological Defence of Estonian Security Policy as in the approach of its architects’ “, a 2015 Master’s degree thesis by Taavi Narits, a student at the Academy of Internal Affairs.

Propaganda in March

Information warfare and the new advent of the Cold War dominated the topics in March. The case of the Skirpal poisoning and the Cambridge Analytica revelations on the use of Facebook data laid a considerable foundation for the month.

Propaganda in September

of Russo phobia, controlling facts, the spread of important false news in newspapers as well as Estonian Russian speaking residents’ reactions to blatant lies in Russian propaganda media.

Ida-Viru secret memo: broad consensus in propaganda media

A local newspaper published a government’s security commission memo. The document covered so-called slipping away possibilities of Ida-Viru county.