Turning the Tables: How Propaganda Backfires and Fuels Counter-Movements

Propaganda often backfires, giving the targeted side clever ways to turn the message around. From name confusion to manipulated images, misinformation spreads easily. Recent examples from May 2024 highlight these tactics and the importance of media literacy to counteract them.

Propastop analysis: Russian propaganda attacks the legitimacy of the Ukrainian President

As President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s nominal term ends on 20 May, Kremlin propaganda attacks the credibility of the Ukrainian Head of State in the eyes of his most important allies and seeks to undermine the President’s legitimacy in the eyes of Ukrainians.

Google’s motto is ‘don’t be evil’, but its news results have a problem

Headlines displayed by Google News are highly trusted and spread fast. Yet Google’s algorithms can’t always tell the difference between journalism and propaganda, as shown by a review of results about Estonia in English.

When artificial intelligence starts creating propaganda

A new tool called ChatGPT highlights the dangers of AI being used by propagandists. So we asked the AI to explain the risks in its own words.

The Russian media is struggling to stick to the Kremlin’s script

Putin has tied so much of his reputation to Russia’s war on Ukraine that it is dangerous in Russia to question why the Russian military is failing. Yet even Putin’s biggest supporters are angry.

These companies based in Estonia still shamefully advertise on Kremlin war channels

We found around 50 companies based in Estonia that still use Estonian consumers’ money to fund Kremlin propaganda channels.

Kremlin propaganda is seeping into Reddit

Reddit, “the front page of the internet”, brings together niche online communities in largely positive ways. But where there’s people to influence, Kremlin propagandists are there too.

Download the new media monitoring report: Anti-Ukrainian war propaganda in the Baltic states

The Civic Resilience Initiative (CRI), a Lithuanian NGO helping combat hostile propaganda, has just released a comprehensive new report examining and debunking false Russian narratives targeting audiences in the Baltic nations.

Fact check: Russia falsely claims EU sanctions are ‘blockading’ Kaliningrad 

Not for the first time, the Kremlin accuses others of what it is itself doing. We fact checked the key claims about the “Kaliningrad blockade” (that isn’t a blockade).

Exposed: The Facebook groups spreading Kremlin propaganda

Propastop has identified 17 Facebook groups of concern operating in Estonia. Here’s how to help combat their hate and misinformation.