Vremya incites hatred against Ukrainians working in Estonia

The TV news channel Pervõi’s Tuesday’s news release depicted a vivid image of the Estonian labour market. The episode is part of the Kremlin’s new propaganda rhetoric, which seeks to link Ukrainians working in Estonia with problems.

Five ideas for curbing Kremlin propaganda channels

There are far more opportunities against TV channels that are attempting to break up our society, than „lets not do anything“ or „lets close them down“. Read more about it here!

Estonian E-state in the clutches of the Kremlin media

So far The Estonian E-state has been discussed very little in the Russian media. Recently the TVC talk show discussed the digital nation, of course thickly in the propaganda channel’s characteristic way. Read about here!

Will the British study lead to action?

A study commissioned by the British government that became a media flashpoint last week has given an alarming picture of the attitudes of Russian speaking people in Estonia. Read about how the Kremlin propaganda media handles the study.

Propaganda messages hidden behind the Golden Mask festival

The television channel Pervõi wove its propaganda message into a theatre festival’s telecast. Fortunately, thanks to an intervention from the festival team, the bias video clip was removed. Read about it here!