Riho Ühtegi’s hawkish words resound in the Kremlin media

The words of Estonian officials have caused a flood of articles in the Russian media: already the fourth similar event in recent months. Propastop sees a definite pattern forming behind the scenes.

Western press front line from Estonia

The editors of Propastop analyze July’s Tomaso Clavarino’s photo reportage, where the author gives the impression that the Baltic nations have child soldiers preparing to attack Russia.

Masha and the bear article stimulated media interest

Propastop gave an overview of the popular cartoon series „Masha and the bear “from a Kremlin propaganda perspective on the 22nd of May. The overview gained much attention in the news and reached the Russian media where it caused a large insurgence of Propaganda type articles.

May, propaganda month

Propastop will launch a new section that will be publishing summaries of topics from the previous month, which did not get more comprehensive postings, but, in the editor’s opinion, deserve to be mentioned.

Masha, Bear, and Propaganda

Lithuanian politician Laurynas Kasčiūnas has stated in his analysis, that „Masha and the Bear” is one tool from Russia’s soft power toolkit. Propastop did some research on what is known about the popular cartoon.