Christmas puzzle answers

See if you hit the mark with your answers and solutions to the Christmas puzzle tasks.

Solving puzzles on Christmas

This time your ability to identify both locations and times when photographs were taken is being tested.

Answers to the picture game

How did you do with the Propastop Midsummer picture game? Compare your results and solutions with the correct answers.

Help, we have lost the time!

Put your intuition to the test in our Propastop picture game. Help identify what time these pictures represent and win a prize!

Answers to the picture game

Were you able to figure out Propastop’s St. John’s Day picture game? Compare your results and solutions with the right answers.

Help! We are lost!

This brand new picture game will test your skills in geolocation. Help identify where Propastop was on St. John’s day.

Santa Claus caught! But where?

Take part in the Propastop holiday picture-game and help identify the time and place the photo was taken.

Where you able to find the right answer?

We are revealing the correct solution to the week old blog image-solving game today. Read more about how to identify the address of the shown photo.

Where there are doers, there are watchers – OSINT

Over the recent years and above all since the handling of Ukraine and Syria by Russia, the gathering of information from open sources has come to the attention of the public and conclusions made on the basis of them or the rejection of Russian false examples.

Where is this photo taken?

In honour of Midsummer Day, we are organizing a magazine picture game that Propastop readers can play. Can you identify the address of the house in the wintertime photo?