Russian portals receive millions of visits from Estonia every month

Propastop reviewed the traceable numbers of Russia’s online channels.

This is how the propaganda machine is controlled

Let us summarize recent articles in the world media that open up the hidden backdrop of the functioning of the Russian propaganda media.

Russian media: an ongoing threat to Estonia

At the beginning of March, Estonians were introduced to a survey, which was conducted by the Ukrainian Crisis Center for Communication about the coverage of 38 countries on three Russian television channels.

Estonian cover girls and boys on Russian TV

Today we offer an overview of the people who are representing Estonia on Russian television channels. At the same time, we are offering an idea on how to find new opinion leaders who are associated with Estonia. Read about it here!

New attempt: The Kremlin provokes the EP again to punish Estonia

In mid September the Russian propaganda channel NTV televised in their news program a story based on the analysis of the Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union’s General Secretariat of the European Parliament, which gave the impression that the European Parliament was worried about the Russian speaking population of Estonia.

Kremlin media is agitating the European Union into imposing sanctions on Estonia

Russian propaganda channels are talking more and more loudly about a single topic, as if the European Union is starting to impose sanctions on Estonia and the other Baltic nations for promoting Nazism. Read about it here!

Masha and the bear article stimulated media interest

Propastop gave an overview of the popular cartoon series „Masha and the bear “from a Kremlin propaganda perspective on the 22nd of May. The overview gained much attention in the news and reached the Russian media where it caused a large insurgence of Propaganda type articles.

With a tank to a strip bar

Kremlin propaganda media portrayal of this year’s Estonian annual military parade was focused on the exhibited United States armoured vehicles and claimed, that the NATO troops are on sex tour with tanks.

Life in Estonia according to a propaganda channel

According to Russian TV-channel NTV news program the Baltic states are preparing for war. NTV is the propaganda channel, which spreads Kremlin biased information and lies.