Six conclusions from the missile incident

The missile accidently fired by the Spanish allied fighter jet started the propaganda machine rolling in the kremlin media within four hours. Read more!

An accident with a rocket brought celebrations to the Russian propaganda industry

On Tuesday an accident involving a Spanish jet fighter, which fired a rocket for currently unknown reasons, gave plenty of material to the Russian propaganda industry.

Marionette associations are assailing the reputation of Finland

In recent years, several associations have been established in Finland whose Russian minded activities have created internal national tensions and have sowed confusion on the international scene.

„Child soldiers“ story being used to attack us again, this time from the east

The scandalous photo report of the Italian photographer Tomaso Clavarino on voluntary paramilitary associations in the Baltic nations has been continued in the Russian media now by them using the USA publication The Atlantic, so that several biased propaganda news stories have taken shape.

Propaganda in November

Propastop regards November as a rather modest and calm month for ant-Estonian influence activities. Russia remained passive, mostly by the prolongation of familiar propaganda events in various stories on their web of national media channels.

Imagine there is an ongoing war and nobody notices

Hannes Grassegger wrote an in-depth story on Estonian cyber conflicts, the information war and the fight against propaganda. The stories translation can be read at the website.

Peace march, a Trojan horse

An anti-NATO „Peace March“ will take place in Tallinn on the second weekend in September. The main organizer of this provoking type of endeavor is Allan Hantsom who has been found guilty of anti- Estonian activities.

How differently are the individual Baltic nations perceived?

Are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania viewed as one entity by the Kremlin propaganda media or are there differences in the three countries in how they are perceived individually? Read about it here!

The condemnation of Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity is in the media this year much more than previously

Russian propaganda media is denouncing Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity with many more accusations this year. Propastop examined how these accusations have changed throughout the years.

Forest Brothers in a propaganda battle

NATO produced and released a short dramatized documentary in mid July about forest brothers in the Baltics, which caused lively discussions in the Russian media and caused an anti NATO propaganda attack.