Põlluaasa’s posting caused a storm in the Russian media

Last week, a Facebook posting by the Speaker of Riigikogu (parliament), Henn Põlluaasa, provoked an unusually large response in the Russian media.

This is how the propaganda machine is controlled

Let us summarize recent articles in the world media that open up the hidden backdrop of the functioning of the Russian propaganda media.

Estonia was attacked again on Kremlin TV

Last Wednesday, the Russian press began a flow of propagandistic reports on Estonia topics, due to the Russian Ambassador being summoned by the Foreign Ministry. Read closer!

Moldova has begun restricting Propaganda channels

Moldova passed a law on January 10th to restrict Russian Propaganda channels’ broadcasts in the country.

The condemnation of Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity is in the media this year much more than previously

Russian propaganda media is denouncing Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity with many more accusations this year. Propastop examined how these accusations have changed throughout the years.

Forest Brothers in a propaganda battle

NATO produced and released a short dramatized documentary in mid July about forest brothers in the Baltics, which caused lively discussions in the Russian media and caused an anti NATO propaganda attack.

Kiviõli glacier boulder’s saga

Propastop tried to figure out whether the defacement of a memorial stone in Kiviõli (small Estonian town) and the subsequent media coverage was a deliberately prepared information operation. We restored the event timeline and gave a comment based on that.