The coronavirus period increased resistance to misinformation

The coronavirus pandemic, which spread a lot of misinformation, half-truths and conspiracy theories in retrospect, has been an important period in raising people’s awareness of information manipulations.

Propaganda in the month of April

In April, the main keywords were about propaganda, information warfare, influencing activities, the Security Police Board’s (KAPO) yearbook, President Kaljulaid’s visit to Russia, influencing the elections and the growing interest in monitoring activities.

The Kremlin’s media is lying: The Estonian President does not consider the Russian language a threat

The upcoming Moscow visit by President Kersti Kaljulaid has brought out several propagandistic headlines by Russian news agencies.

The Kremlin election compass

Who is in the Kremlin’s favour in the Estonian Parliamentary elections? Which political parties and politicians are under the control of our Eastern neighbours?

Estonian politicians as valuable base material for Russian propaganda media

Over the past half year, Russian propaganda media has made special note of the statements of Estonian politicians. A supplement over there to President Ilves’ recent statement at the beginning of June caused a news sensation.

One hundred years of freedom from the Soviet Union?

Rossija 1 reported a fake quote from Donald Trump during the President’s meeting with the Presidents of the Baltic nations. The Russian television channel, Dožd, noted the quote.

Ten circles around PBK

The editorial staff of Propastop reviewed the storm of discussions created by Raul Rebane’s article on the permissibility of purchasing airtime on the PBK channel and tried to understand what is being discussed.

Propaganda in October

Propaganda in October included several analyzes of Russian influence activities, Edward Lucas’s discussion of Russo phobia and a RT advertising campaign on the London Underground as well as the concerned response to it.

German RT accuses Estonia of discrimination

We are used to finding propaganda examples, usually from Russian media. This time Kremlin German language propaganda channels are bothering Estonia. Read more here!

Propaganda in the month of July

Propastop will bring forth the most important subjects from July, which unfortunately did not reach the blog posts, but are still worth mentioning. We will cover the discussion topics “Does Estonia need its own army of elves?” and how president Ilves supports the fight against propaganda. Also, how president Kaljulaid warns us against counter propaganda.