Exposed: The Facebook groups spreading Kremlin propaganda

Propastop has identified 17 Facebook groups of concern operating in Estonia. Here’s how to help combat their hate and misinformation.

Propaganda in the month of April

In April, the main keywords were about propaganda, information warfare, influencing activities, the Security Police Board’s (KAPO) yearbook, President Kaljulaid’s visit to Russia, influencing the elections and the growing interest in monitoring activities.

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 5.

A network that deals with teaching the Russian language but is financially and ideologically supported by the Kremlin Soft Power fund, Russki Mir. Read more!

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 4.

We added a group to our chart whose underlying motive is to blame Estonia as a supporter of fascism.

Russia related networks in Estonia Part 3.

This time we give an overview of the Komsomolskaja Pravda newspaper and the organizations and individuals involved in the Impressum discussion club.

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 2

We drew an Estonian branch to the Kremlin media network diagram. Read more about it!

Russia – related networks in Estonia Part 1.

Propastop has reviewed the organizations and related people named in the KAPO (Estonian Internal Security Service) yearbook.

How a joke on social media turned into an anti-NATO propaganda

Propastop published an article by Urve Eslas in Estonian, which was originally published in English on webpage.