Propaganda dictionary – Antifa

Over the past month, the word “Antifa” is being repeatedly heard in public. However, what do they mean by that?

Propaganda in the month of May

In the past month, Social Media was once again at the center of stories about influencing.

The first real penalties were imposed on cyber-criminals in Finland

The third week of October brought news on how the court in Finland sentenced Johan Bäckman, a Kremlin activist and founder of the suspicious content publication, MV-Leht as well as the publication’s director, Ilja Janitskin to imprisonment and financial penalties.

Is Europe increasing its population by taking Russian children?

Europe has been the victim of a host of Russian propaganda attacks in which countries are accused of deliberately taking the children of Russian citizens away from their homes.

Propaganda in March

Information warfare and the new advent of the Cold War dominated the topics in March. The case of the Skirpal poisoning and the Cambridge Analytica revelations on the use of Facebook data laid a considerable foundation for the month.