Russia is increasingly conducting brainwashing attacks in Africa

Although the Russian Federation has been waging a draining war against Ukraine for the third year, our eastern neighbor has increased the organization of disinformation campaigns in Africa. It is important for Estonia to balance Russia’s and China’s disinformation campaigns, emphasizes Ambassador Daniel Schaer.

The Russian Embassy and ERR: the opinions of experts

What did journalists and media specialists think of last week’s Propastop’s analysis, which scrutinized the publications of the Russian embassy’s messages in ERR? Read the new post!

What are the stages of the coronavirus crisis?

Every crisis has certain stages and so does the coronavirus. At what stage are we in this crisis?

Media overview – January

An article in January discussing influence activities gave a lot of colour due to the approaching elections.

What is psychological defence?

The Propastop library in July introduced „ Psychological Defence of Estonian Security Policy as in the approach of its architects’ “, a 2015 Master’s degree thesis by Taavi Narits, a student at the Academy of Internal Affairs.

Ten circles around PBK

The editorial staff of Propastop reviewed the storm of discussions created by Raul Rebane’s article on the permissibility of purchasing airtime on the PBK channel and tried to understand what is being discussed.

Pros and cons of a national ombudsman dealing with falsehoods in the media

In discussion is Ilmar Raag’s article that is against the nation establishing a commissioner that deals with refuting media falsehoods. In that case, how do we react to an info crisis? Read more about it here!

Abstract of State Department’s Strategic Communications report

The report provides an overview of developments in the strategic communications field between 2015-2016 and gives a brief overview of the nature and functions of Government Office strategic communications adviser’s position.