Candidate 101: pro-Russian Aivo Peterson running his European Parliament election campaign from custody

The “Peterson phenomenon” is causing excitement in the European Parliament elections – will Aivo Peterson achieve the same powerful result as in last year’s Riigikogu elections, and will the Center Party not be represented in the European Parliament at all due to his votes? Propastop reviews the campaign of the co-chairman of the Koos party.

Why does Russia provoke NATO states?

Russia’s hybrid warfare against the West escalated last week with multiple provocations occurring along the NATO border. Propastop investigates the underlying motives behind these actions

Have the songs of Russian musicians supporting the war disappeared from the radio?

Russian singers who support Russia’s aggression, like Filipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan, have long been banned from performing in Estonia. However, Propastop investigated whether their songs are still being played on Estonian radio stations.

US magazine Jacobin veers into atrocity denialism

Author Adam J Sacks defended the Nazi-Soviet pact, denied the occupation of the Baltic states, argued Soviet rule was a blessing, and made numerous poorly researched claims that attracted ridicule across social media.

Pro-Kremlin media increasingly focused on a false narrative associating Estonia with terrorism

Russia’s pro-Kremlin media and public figures are using the murder of Dugina to switch to an absurd narrative about Estonia sponsoring terrorism

Social media rumours unable to hamper peaceful relocation of Narva tank

Despite differences of opinion, all parties worked together to prevent conflict during the relocation of a Soviet monument in Narva.

A fake video misportrayed Rammstein’s Tallinn concert

A fake video circulating on social media and reported by Russian media outlets appeared to show Rammstein singing “Vperjod, Rossija”. It was actually a song for Vitali Klitschko.

Estonia agrees a new coalition, but pro-Kremlin influencers spin it very differently

Pro-Kremlin influencers online are pushing the narrative that the Estonian Prime Minister has resigned due to her support for Ukraine. The truth is very different.

Here’s what happens when you listen to Russian speakers in Estonia

Both the BBC and NPR recently visited Estonia to listen to the perspectives of local Russian-speakers. Their stories puncture Kremlin propaganda narratives.

Exposed: The Facebook groups spreading Kremlin propaganda

Propastop has identified 17 Facebook groups of concern operating in Estonia. Here’s how to help combat their hate and misinformation.