Kremlin media conspiracy theories on the sinking of the Estonia

Our eastern neighbour’s media seems convinced that a Swedish submarine is to blame for the tragedy. They believe that Russia will also be blamed.

An accident with a rocket brought celebrations to the Russian propaganda industry

On Tuesday an accident involving a Spanish jet fighter, which fired a rocket for currently unknown reasons, gave plenty of material to the Russian propaganda industry.

“Honestly, we are not going to attack Russia!”

Estonia has become known in the world as being a forefront country in a potential Western-Russian conflict. Whether and how to change this image, or how could this be put to better use?

Countermeasures to information warfare

Propastop decided to review how have European countries reacted towards the increase of Russian information warfare capabilities.

Estonian Information Board about propaganda

Estonian Information Board is a governmental organisation that deals with intelligence. In February they published their second annual review, which gives an overview of Estonia’s external threats.

Code of conduct when communicating with a propaganda channel

Propastop provides few tips when one must give an interview to a propaganda channel. These apply similarly to everyone, including politicians and officials.