A quick test: Has Estonia’s reputation suffered?

Do you think that the reputation of Estonia in the Western media has been damaged in recent months? Try evaluating it yourself by giving points on a simple scale to the articles.

Is an accusative resolution against Estonia developing into a propaganda attack?

The Eesti Päevaleht wrote about a resolution on the European Union of minorities, which gave false accusations against Estonia. Read how far the one sided statements have spread.

May 9. passed calmly

In spite of the efforts of the Kremlin propaganda channels, yesterday was a conflict free day in Estonia. There were also no major disputes in the media.

The media’s emphasis on ethnicity feeds propaganda

The media still emphasizes people’s nationality or mother tongue without any justifiable cause. Read how Elina Nechayeva’s win was written in the Russian media

Quicker and more actively!

The marching song propaganda attacks were last week. Let us line up a couple of principles that in a similar case would be able to prevent singular news items from growing into media storms.

British study must be published in full!

The study, which reflects the attitudes of Russian speaking people in Estonia, is currently not public. This situation provides an opportunity for manipulating information, influencing discussions as well as questioning whether the parties involved have hidden agendas.

Will the British study lead to action?

A study commissioned by the British government that became a media flashpoint last week has given an alarming picture of the attitudes of Russian speaking people in Estonia. Read about how the Kremlin propaganda media handles the study.

Mihkel Raud’s work has drawn Russo phobic accusations

The Russian media have used the strong wording in Mihkel Raud’s new book for propaganda messaging, accusing the author with hatred of Russians. Propastop gives an assessment of the charges

Propaganda in September

of Russo phobia, controlling facts, the spread of important false news in newspapers as well as Estonian Russian speaking residents’ reactions to blatant lies in Russian propaganda media.

Western press front line from Estonia

The editors of Propastop analyze July’s Tomaso Clavarino’s photo reportage, where the author gives the impression that the Baltic nations have child soldiers preparing to attack Russia.