Riho Ühtegi’s hawkish words resound in the Kremlin media

The words of Estonian officials have caused a flood of articles in the Russian media: already the fourth similar event in recent months. Propastop sees a definite pattern forming behind the scenes.

Estonian politicians as valuable base material for Russian propaganda media

Over the past half year, Russian propaganda media has made special note of the statements of Estonian politicians. A supplement over there to President Ilves’ recent statement at the beginning of June caused a news sensation.

The words of Sven Mikser made the Russian media red hot

Responses in our Eastern Neighbours press to our Foreign Minister’s interview broke a new record for the last half year.

Accusations of Apartheid in Kremlin media headlines

The German publication Der Spiegel used the term „apartheid“ in an article about stateless people in Estonia and Latvia. Kremlin related portals brought out the offensive term in their headlines. Read all about it here!