Another Sputnik is becoming a propaganda weapon

Last week, Kremlin channels broadcast news that Estonian residents want the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to be available in Estonia. The Estonian media also contributed to the spread of the propaganda message.

Defending the vote – an overview of Estonian election security

At the beginning of December, Princeton University published an overview “Defending the Vote: Estonia creates a network to combat disinformation, 2016-2020”, which describes the developments that have taken place in Estonia in the fight against disinformation in those years.

Estonian companies stop advertising on Kremlin propaganda sites

Many important Estonian companies have announced the cessation of advertising in the Kremlin’s channels of influence. However, the problem is still massive.

What is fact-checking activity based on?

Fact-checking has become a separate heading in many press publications, but what is this activity based on?

Has ERR stopped sharing news in pro-Kremlin groups?

Indeed, ERR’s account no longer posts its news to pro-Kremlin groups. However, ERR’s Russian-language editorial staff still does this from their personal accounts.

Lobbying activities-invisible attacks on Estonia

Alongside propaganda, there has been a lot less talk of the covert representation of Russia’s interests and goals – lobbying activities.

Roman Trofimov is using his notoriety to attack Estonia

Trofimov, who was detained at Manila Airport for more than three months, has continued to maintain his Facebook blog after returning to Estonia. The message of the postings are offensive to Estonia.

Amendments to Latvian law makes it possible to oppose propaganda channels

In mid-June, Latvia amended the Electronic Media Act, adding conditions to be taken into account when granting or revoking a transmission license.

Propaganda dictionary – Antifa

Over the past month, the word “Antifa” is being repeatedly heard in public. However, what do they mean by that?

ERR shares its news in pro-Kremlin groups

The Russian-language editorial board of ERR must stop posting its news in groups that actively share anti-Estonian propaganda channels.