Propaganda attacks, which did not prevail in the news

Terrorists from Ukraine work in Estonia. Biological weapons are created here. Our media lies. Read the latest, most fantastical tidbits from the Kremlin propaganda media.

The spy scandal did not find much coverage in world media

The spy scandal that filled the Estonian media for a week did not get much coverage internationally. There were a few press releases in English in the western media and the Russian media’s coverage being minimal with more of a neutral take on it.

Maarjamägi, military planes and sprats

How much false news has currently been circulated about the Maarjamäe complex? What was written about Estonia in the Russian media last month? Read about it here!

Top 5: Propaganda attacks launched from Estonia

Let us list five cases where news from local propaganda portals Baltnews and Sputnik have damaged Estonia’s reputation. What can be done to control such portals?

Mihkel Raud’s work has drawn Russo phobic accusations

The Russian media have used the strong wording in Mihkel Raud’s new book for propaganda messaging, accusing the author with hatred of Russians. Propastop gives an assessment of the charges

The condemnation of Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity is in the media this year much more than previously

Russian propaganda media is denouncing Erna Trek as a Nazi promoting activity with many more accusations this year. Propastop examined how these accusations have changed throughout the years.