Narrative X-ray: who are Russia’s compatriots?

Russia is actively promoting the ‘compatriot narrative,’ a strategy designed to strengthen ties between Russians residing outside the country and Russia itself. This initiative serves the dual purpose of leveraging these individuals for its strategic objectives and rationalizing its assertive foreign policy. By positioning itself as the guardian of Russians living abroad, Russia seeks to reclaim its former superstate status on the global stage.

Education: Spetial Information Operations, BA.

In the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the highest educational institution associated with the administration of the president, they announced the launch of a program to train ‘media police.’ Over the course of four years, students are set to be taught how to identify ‘anti-Russian content’ on the internet.

Russia’s Hybrid Warfare Tactics: A Closer Look at the Migrant Crisis on the Russian-Finnish Border

Finland closed four border checkpoints on November 18 and will close all but one on Saturday night due to a surge in asylum seekers from Russia, including Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria. Approximately 300 migrants arrived since September, spiking from November 7 to 14. Suspicions of Russian hybrid warfare tactics were raised by the Finnish Prime Minister; his claim was denied by the Kremlin. Let’s take a closer look at this situation to see the reactions from all parties and possible outcomes.

Hamas propaganda strategy: the worse the better

Hamas leaders have understood very well that it is difficult for them to succeed militarily, but that the military success of the Jewish state can be used very successfully against it in the information field. How do they do this?

European journalists on the Kremlin’s payroll

Renowned German journalist Hubert Seipel, known for his Putin documentary, allegedly received €600,000 in undisclosed payments from a sanctioned Russian oligarch. The Cyprus Confidential Project, led by the ICIJ, exposes a covert financial system in Cyprus. Over 3.6 million leaked documents reveal activities benefiting influential figures, including PwC Cyprus collaborating with sanctioned individuals.

Rakvere products in Russian propaganda

Zoja Paljamar, a Russian propagandist from Estonia, raises questions about sanctions and authenticity in her recent Facebook post, highlighting the presence of Estonian products in the St. Petersburg store. Rakvere company denies exporting to Russia, making this case a remarkable propaganda scenario worth closer examination.

The World Map of Fakesperts

Read this article in Estonian Read this article in Russian  The Insider, an investigative journalism publication, has compiled an intriguing interactive map of fake experts in Western countries—in Europe, America, and even Australia. In other words, these are pseudo-experts who spread Kremlin-friendly disinformation in the countries where they live or work. Among them are many … Continue reading The World Map of Fakesperts

The Lack of Ethics in Ukraine’s Information Warfare

Over the past five weeks, 898 incidents of media manipulation leading to the dissemination of misinformation have been documented in Ukraine. The goal is to mislead readers and strengthen Russia’s position in the armed conflict.

I speak Russian – therefore I am Russian?

The short answer is: not necessarily. Ethnicity and language are closely related, but there are other factors that must be considered. It’s important to recognize that speaking Russian as one’s native language does not automatically equate to being ethnically or culturally Russian. In many cases, the prevalence of Russian as a native language in countries formerly … Continue reading I speak Russian – therefore I am Russian?

What is this NAFO thing?

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda invited to the NAFO summit in Vilnius in the second week of July. If you are already a NAFO fella, you probably were there and had a great time. When Kamil Dyszewski from Poland started tweeting a meme with doggies in May 2022, he had no idea that he was starting … Continue reading What is this NAFO thing?