Cheap manipulation of an “inexpensive way to fight against Russia”

Editorial team at exposes false news about Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna’s alleged statement. He emphasized that Ukrainians are fighting for European values and international law in the face of Russian aggression, not an ‘inexpensive way to fight Russia.

Rakvere products in Russian propaganda

Zoja Paljamar, a Russian propagandist from Estonia, raises questions about sanctions and authenticity in her recent Facebook post, highlighting the presence of Estonian products in the St. Petersburg store. Rakvere company denies exporting to Russia, making this case a remarkable propaganda scenario worth closer examination.

Boys not from our neighborhood

Last week, there was a flash mob in Estonia where Russian car owners placed “I AM RUSSIAN” stickers on their cars. The identity of the organizers, the motives behind this initiative, and the repercussions it entailed have become subjects of inquiry.

How the Kremlin uses graffiti as propaganda

An American woman arrested in Michigan for a series of hate crime incidents turned out to be a supporter of Russia, not Ukraine as her graffiti implied. Journalists are still missing the bigger story.

Did the Kremlin stir protests that derailed Sweden’s NATO application?

A Koran-burning protest in Sweden put the country’s NATO application on hold after a backlash in Turkey. But the journalist who initiated, organised, and promoted that protest has extensive Kremlin connections.

Pro-Kremlin media increasingly focused on a false narrative associating Estonia with terrorism

Russia’s pro-Kremlin media and public figures are using the murder of Dugina to switch to an absurd narrative about Estonia sponsoring terrorism

Fake Estonian ‘exit form’ ridiculed across social media

A disinformation attempt against Estonia backfired badly when a fake Estonian ‘exit form’ received wide ridicule for its obvious errors.

Russia presents theories on Dugina’s death without evidence or contact with Estonia

Despite inflammatory rhetoric against Estonia by Russian politicians and propagandists, no evidence has been presented for the murder of Dugina nor a connection to Estonia.

Social media rumours unable to hamper peaceful relocation of Narva tank

Despite differences of opinion, all parties worked together to prevent conflict during the relocation of a Soviet monument in Narva.

A fake video misportrayed Rammstein’s Tallinn concert

A fake video circulating on social media and reported by Russian media outlets appeared to show Rammstein singing “Vperjod, Rossija”. It was actually a song for Vitali Klitschko.