The Kremlin’s media is lying: The Estonian President does not consider the Russian language a threat

The upcoming Moscow visit by President Kersti Kaljulaid has brought out several propagandistic headlines by Russian news agencies.

Finnish broadcasting is unfair to Estonia

A Finnish National Broadcasting Yle article has mistakenly written about the idea that there are many sex offenders from Estonia in Finland. Propastop looks into this backdrop of errors.

An Estonian journalist brought the Kremlin media to a boil

An Eesti Päevaleht journalist, Vahur Koorits’ idea of a missile strike on St. Petersburg received a lot of attention in the Russian press.

Hashtag ESTexitEU, is being distributed by fake accounts connected to Russia

In October and November, a large amount of fake accounts and webpages have been created on social media channels, which have started to actively intensify issues aimed at dividing Estonian society

An inexact translation brought a Christmas gift of a wave of propaganda

Fake news that began due to Parliament’s minutes having been incorrectly translated brought forth propagandistic stories in the Kremlin media during the holidays.

Attention! Provocative fake news is circulating in Narva

A staged fake news story about an activist attacked in Lasnamäe was published in the environment of Vkontakte.

Estonia was attacked again on Kremlin TV

Last Wednesday, the Russian press began a flow of propagandistic reports on Estonia topics, due to the Russian Ambassador being summoned by the Foreign Ministry. Read closer!

Vremya incites hatred against Ukrainians working in Estonia

The TV news channel Pervõi’s Tuesday’s news release depicted a vivid image of the Estonian labour market. The episode is part of the Kremlin’s new propaganda rhetoric, which seeks to link Ukrainians working in Estonia with problems.

Propaganda attack about Litsmetsa

Have you heard of the memorial in Litsmetsa, Võrumaa County? The Kremlin propaganda media has and is making a big deal about it.

Matvijenko organized an accusation of discrimination firestorm

The II International Anti-Semitism, Racial and Xenophobic Conference „Protecting the Future“ was held in Moscow at the end of last week, which gave the speakers an additional impetus for attacks against Latvia and Estonia on issues of non-citizens’ discrimination.