A Greek media mogul tried to spread false claims about Estonia. It did not go well

An influential media mogul in Greece who made false claims about Estonia was widely ridiculed by Greek internet users this week after Russian speakers in Estonia – who he claims are oppressed – bombarded him on Twitter with corrections.

An Estonian digital election expert was used to praise the Kremlin’s e-elections

Florian Marcus, one of the spokespersons for the Estonian e-elections, was implemented to work for Russian propagandists.

Sputnik V as an example of propaganda washing of a vaccine

On September 16, news about Estonia’s recognition of the Sputnik V vaccine appeared in the Russian media.

Soviet era nostalgia feeds the denial of the occupation

The Kremlin’s propaganda media use the idealization of the “Russian era” alongside the denial of Soviet occupation. Both narratives are dangerous for Estonia.

FB groups in Estonia share the Belarusian dictator’s talking points

Read how pro-Kremlin groups reacted to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s visit to Tallinn

Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) – provocation and deadly bacteria

Just as the exercises, Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) or Siil (Hedgehog) have become a tradition in the spring, so the boisterous reactions of the Kremlin media to them have become a tradition. The year 2021 was no exception, when the exercise in Estonia was again attacked in the Russian media.

The Russian media was full of news about USA soldiers being injured at Nurmsi Air Base

The fact that American paratroopers sustained injuries upon landing during the Swift Response Airborne jump exercise was reported over robustly in the Russian media

May 9 proved profitable for Russian propaganda

This year, May 9 was celebrated peacefully. Tšaulin grabbed a key role for himself.

Events in the Czech Republic overshadowed the Night of the Bronze Soldier in the Russian media

The annual recalling of the Night of the Bronze Soldier in the Russian media was buried under other themes this year, from reactions to Czech issues to the Finno-Ugric Congress.

Seeking attention for Seredenko

There is an action trying to implement the narrative of the persecution of Russians because of Sergei Seredenko’s detention at the beginning of March.