China’s Social Media platform is influencing the minds of young people

The new Social Media platform TikTok is gaining popularity and users. It has already been accused of ideologically targeting and permitting sexual harassment of minors.

Propastop Library: Gustav Klucis

For the next upcoming weeks, you can still see classical works of the Soviet propaganda artist from Latvia at the Kumu gallery.

Propaganda dictionary – microtargeting

A word that individuals wanting to influence people constantly repeat, even in their dreams is microtargeting.

Propaganda dictionary – troll

The concept of a troll from Scandinavian folklore has taken on a completely new meaning on the internet

Propaganda dictionary – deepfake

What is the last half-year’s trendiest word?

Propaganda dictionary – Social engineering

Social engineering is the term describing a technique that, by exploiting the weaknesses of a person makes them volunteer to do things that would not be done in a normal situation.

Propaganda dictionary – disinformation

The term, has previously been associated with the Soviet Union is now actively used and has become synonymous in the West with the propaganda of the Kremlin.

Propaganda dictionary – counterpropaganda

When speaking about propaganda, the story will include counterpropaganda and its necessity right from the start. There are a number of approaches to counterpropaganda – the narrowest of them considers oppositional or counterpropaganda as a propaganda-responsive activity, always activating after the fact. The more broader approach also includes proactive solutions to counterpropaganda activities, the most important of which is to raise people’s awareness.

What is psychological defence?

The Propastop library in July introduced „ Psychological Defence of Estonian Security Policy as in the approach of its architects’ “, a 2015 Master’s degree thesis by Taavi Narits, a student at the Academy of Internal Affairs.

Propaganda dictionary: soft power

Soft power is a term that describes the state’s ability to influence other countries or individuals through attractiveness, thereby increasing their support or willingness to cooperate.