Russian war bloggers gleefully waved Shoigu goodbye

Ultra-nationalist Russian war bloggers sent Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu away from his position with gleeful mockery and welcomed the new minister with warm words. Propastop provides an overview of why the old broom was hated and the new one awaited.

Pribaltika and Pribalts: The Weaponized Renaming

The terms “Прибалтика” and “прибалты” have resurfaced repeatedly in Russian media, evoking sharp and emotional responses. These terms, which never truly faded from Russian discourse, continue to play a role in shaping perceptions and narratives concerning the Baltic States. Who and why use them, and what agenda do those terms have?

Who or what is Transurkainian?

The term “Transukrainian” seems to be emerging as a way to describe individuals who are not ethnically Ukrainian or citizens of Ukraine, yet openly support Ukraine or identify with Ukrainian values, culture, or political causes. This term appears to be rooted in the concept of transcending national boundaries, emphasizing a broader sense of identity or … Continue reading Who or what is Transurkainian?

Propaganda dictionary – infodemic

Infodemic is a term formed from the words information and epidemic, which means the rapid and widespread spread of true or misleading information about something, where facts, rumors and fears mix, which makes it difficult to obtain important information on the topic.

Propaganda dictionary – cancel culture

One of the most attention grabbing concepts of the first half of 2020 is certainly the “cancel culture”.

Propaganda dictionary- doxing

Doxing, doxxing, or „dropping docs“, is the collection and publication of information about a person in order to cause him or her inconvenience.

Coronavirus dictionary – covidiot

With the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic, a new word, covidiot has begun to circulate on the internet.

Propastop dictionary – scorched earth tactics

Known in the military as, „scorched earth“ tactics have also been used in information warfare thanks to Kremlin propaganda activities.

Propaganda dictionary – dark ad

Cambridge Analytica, a micro-targeted and 2016 US presidential campaign, introduced another concept to the public – the dark ad.

Jessikka Aro „Putin’s trolls: true stories from the frontlines of the Russian information war“

On September 24. Jessikka Aro presented her long awaited book in Helsinki „ Putin’s trolls: true stories from the frontlines of the Russian Information war“.