Myth breaker 7: Tallinn was not liberated it was conquered and occupied

Kremlin propaganda continues to spread the myth that Tallinn was liberated on September 22, 1944. Actually in fact, a new Soviet occupation of the Estonian Capital began on that day. Read more!

Myth breaker 4: The economy of Estonia is in bad shape

In this article, we are rebuking the propaganda media’s widely used incorrect statement, that Estonia is an economically failed state.

Myth breaker 3: Estonians are supposed to be fascists

Today we are going to demolish one of the most fundamental Estonian propaganda myths. How to overturn the claim that Fascism is encouraged in Estonia?

Myth breaker, part 2 : Citizenship

We condemn the misconception that there is extremely difficult criteria setup to obtain citizenship in Estonia or that we restrict granting citizenship to Russian speaking residents.

Myth breaker part 1.

Today we will start with a new heading, in which we will show why propaganda myths circulating in Estonia are false. First, we reject the misconception that Estonia voluntarily joined the Soviet Union.