8 memes that made social media laugh

The turbulent political events of recent weeks have provided plenty of material for meme creators to showcase their wit. The Propastop editorial team has compiled a selection of memes about Kaja Kallas, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, as well as Viktor Orbán’s visit to Moscow.

Ott Järvela: The Paris Olympics prove Russia’s defeat

50 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Paris, Propastop evaluates with the help of sports journalists Ott Järvela and Raul Rebane, how these games affect the image of Russia. “Unfortunately, Russian athletes are still present in Paris, but despite this, the Paris Olympics symbolize, celebrate and prove Russia’s defeat on the sports field,” Järvela confirms.
“Russia will lose 50–70 medals due to its aggression against Ukraine, purely through its own fault,” adds Raul Rebane.

Review of Russian Propaganda in January 2024

In January 2024, President Zelensky’s visit to the Baltic States took center stage in the geopolitical arena, drawing considerable attention from major Russian propaganda outlets. This compilation unravels the diverse narratives propagated by Russian sources, ranging from accusations of scaremongering to claims of safeguarding Europe from Ukrainian threats.