Ott Järvela: The Paris Olympics prove Russia’s defeat

50 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Paris, Propastop evaluates with the help of sports journalists Ott Järvela and Raul Rebane, how these games affect the image of Russia. “Unfortunately, Russian athletes are still present in Paris, but despite this, the Paris Olympics symbolize, celebrate and prove Russia’s defeat on the sports field,” Järvela confirms.
“Russia will lose 50–70 medals due to its aggression against Ukraine, purely through its own fault,” adds Raul Rebane.

Why has the Immortal Regiment moved online and why are Russians going to war?

“The cancellation of parades and ‘Immortal Regiments’ could have several reasons,” believes Russian political analyst Fyodor Krasheninnikov, who currently resides in the EU, and has been declared a foreign agent in Russia. He shared his opinion with Propastop.

“In the information war, there is no need for new institutions, but a strategy against Russia.”

In a revealing survey conducted by Propastop ahead of the June European Parliament elections, Estonia’s leading party candidates weigh in on the EU’s effectiveness in combating Russian propaganda amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with an average score landing a modest 6 out of 10.

NAFO works – a fella shares his experience combating propaganda online

NAFO are its dedicated members, affectionately known as “fellas,” who tirelessly battle Russian disinformation daily. Probably, no one has encountered more interactions with vatniks than them. Estonian NAFO fella Jaanus is an online fighter against propaganda, working tirelessly to debunk falsehoods and promote truth in the digital sphere. His efforts are instrumental in countering the spread of Kremlin narratives online. 
In our recent discussion, Propastop sat down with Jaanus to delve into their experiences combating disinformation online. Jaanus shared insights into their journey so far and the challenges they’ve encountered in their battle against false narratives.

Rainer Saks: In the information war, a stalemate persists between Ukraine and Russia.

War blogger and former head of foreign intelligence Rainer Saks says in an interview with Propastop: Russia does not currently have great military enthusiasm, although a lot of patriotic shows are being made. Ukraine’s first serious problem is the inability to explain the necessity of additional mobilization. The presidential elections paralyzed US security policy, weakening the country’s role as a global leader.

VatnikSoup by Pekka Kallioniemi: Exposing Pro-Russian Propagandists and the Web of Disinformation

In the ongoing battle against disinformation, Pekka Kallioniemi’s #VatnikSoup series stands out as a potent tool, revealing the tactics employed by pro-Russian propagandists. As #VatnikSoup delves deeper into the layers of disinformation, it serves as a compelling testament to the effectiveness of investigative journalism in combating propaganda.

Patrikarakos: Legislation is needed to control Social Media giants

Propastop interviewed David Patrikarakos, author of the book „War in 140 Characters: How Social Media Is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century”

Silence helps fight against Propaganda

Propastop conducted an interview with media expert Tiit Hennoste. Read what the lecturer and linguist at the University of Tartu thinks about the post-truth era and the regulation of journalism as well as Propastop.

Evelyn Kaldoja: Estonia should tell more about its story to the world

Propastop conducted an interview with the head of the editorial section of the Postimees Foreign News, Evelyn Kaldoja. Read what is Estonia’s greatest success in the information war, how to constrain the brainwashed Slovak as well as does the media write too much about tanks