Propaganda in the month of July

In July, problems related to Faceap and Baltnews received the most attention in the Estonian media.

Propaganda in the month of May

In the past month, Social Media was once again at the center of stories about influencing.

Propaganda in the month of April

In April, the main keywords were about propaganda, information warfare, influencing activities, the Security Police Board’s (KAPO) yearbook, President Kaljulaid’s visit to Russia, influencing the elections and the growing interest in monitoring activities.

Media overview – January

An article in January discussing influence activities gave a lot of colour due to the approaching elections.

New Year’s media summary- social media’s worrisome burden

In the last month, the Estonian media has been dominated by stories about using social media channels to manipulate people.

Media overview – November 2018

November 2018 may be considered as the fake news month due to the large amount of media coverage, with several articles that deal with influence activities focused on this topic.

The first real penalties were imposed on cyber-criminals in Finland

The third week of October brought news on how the court in Finland sentenced Johan Bäckman, a Kremlin activist and founder of the suspicious content publication, MV-Leht as well as the publication’s director, Ilja Janitskin to imprisonment and financial penalties.

A new radio program on Fake news began broadcasting its series

At the end of September, a new series on Radio 4 came on the airwaves, which focuses on Fake news and media manipulation. This is a first of its kind in Estonia.

Vladimir Sazonov: How does Russia itself understand the information war?

At the end of August, Postimees published an opinion article by Vladimir Sazonov on how Russia itself understands the information war.

The blurry role of journalists in society

In the beginning of the summer their was a sensation in the media and among the journalists which was caused by a pseudo journalist, Vanessa Beeley at the University of Uppsala’s organized summer school on how to cover military conflicts when she tried to spread half truthful propaganda on countries involved in information warfare. During the effects of this incident, ERR journalist Allan Rajavee wrote a story recalling the basics of journalism and half-truths of journalists.