What is the state of China’s Social Credit System

The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence in Riga published an overview of Dr. Gulizar Haciyakupoglu’s extensive analysis, which focused on the Social Credit System (SCS) being developed in China.

This summer’s propaganda heat record was broken

Henn Põlluaasa’s statements together with the detention of the Estonian consul brought a record of propaganda stories in the Kremlin’s media during the last six months.

Belarusian propaganda is similar to that of the Soviet Union and is based on Russia’s experience

In a country where there has been no clear expression of ideology for years, and no talk of tendencies towards propaganda, everything has changed in recent months.

EURO 2020: recognizable narratives abound with the beginning of EURO 2020

Propastop’s area of interest is on non-sporting battles that reveal ideologies and opposing propagandistic narratives around the European Championships.

The Council of Russian compatriots is in need of new youth membership

The conference of the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots held in Tallinn in mid-June was severely criticized by Sergei Tshaulin.

The story of a highjacking: how a dictator landed

The incident with the Irish airline Ryanair on the Athens-Vilnius flight surprised communication’s point of view with its unexpected solutions. The rapid reaction of the West, Russia’s role as a guardian and the significant polarization of what happened in Russia.

Campaigns around the world to stop supporting websites with extreme views

It is not something new for advertising money to fall into the pockets of website operators who incite conspiracy theories, misinformation, and hate speech between different groups in society or spread hostile propaganda against societies.

Estonia finances Kremlin propaganda with hundreds of thousands of Euros

Hundreds of thousands of euros flow from Estonia and other Baltic countries to the Russian propaganda industry every year. These funds assist in creating divisions in our local society and insulting our population.

Sergei Tydyakov, a man at every protest and picket line

This spring, Sergei Tydyakov (Тыдыяков), a former activist of the Night Watch and a former member of the board of the NGO of the same name, has come to the media’s attention.

Coverage mentioning Estonia is on the rise in the Russian media

Propamon, which measures coverage of Estonia in major Russian media, has seen an increasing number of mentions of Estonia since the beginning of the year.