Come and help curb propaganda channels!

Do you think that Sputnik and Baltnews should have its wings clipped? Then speak up in the (Citizen Initiative Portal) environment. Invite your friends to also join!

Postimees is not the problem

Criticism of the Postimees Group’s decision to broker advertising to Russian TV channels, shifted the focus away from the real problem.

How to close down Baltnews and Sputnik

In July, several countries took steps to combat Russian propaganda channels. It is also time for Estonia to act.

Baltnews came out of the closet

This week you can read on the Baltnews website that they are owned by Russia Today and registered in Moscow.

Lithuania closed down the activities of Sputnik

As of yesterday, a court order has restricted access to Sputnik’s website in Lithuania

Propaganda attack from the sea?

Several Russian vessels that have been associated with Kremlin influence activities are participating in the Tallinn Maritime Days, which begins on the upcoming weekend.

The Georgian conflict: was Tbilisi an exception?

Propastop looks at Russia’s attack on Georgia’s reputation and economy from an information war and propaganda point of view.

How does the Kremlin maintain its influence in the West?

In mid June, the Free Russia foundation, which operates in the USA, published a collection of „Misused Rights – How the Kremlin uses Western institutions to undermine the West“

Help! We are lost!

This brand new picture game will test your skills in geolocation. Help identify where Propastop was on St. John’s day.

Foreign media: deepfake raises its head!

In June, there was an increase in the number of articles written about deepfake technology.