A million flies can’t be wrong

Let us take a closer look at the demagoguery device, whose Latin name is argumentum as populum.

Whitelist 2: Quality Russian-language media

We are releasing the second part of an overview of reliable, non-propaganda Russian-language media. Share the list with your Russian- speaking acquaintances!

Information as society’s Achilles heel

Many people have read about Cambridge Analytic, and the related Facebook information downloads, as well as the use of created profiles. However, fewer people are aware what data Facebook finds necessary to collect.

USA veterans under attack by the Kremlin

In mid-September, the American Vietnam War Veterans’ Association published a 200-page report from a two-year investigation that exposed Kremlin manipulation in Social Media.

Lithuania’s attitude to propaganda: forcefully against lies

Among the three Baltic States, Lithuania has chosen the most vigorous and direct approach in the fight against propaganda, based on a model of cooperation between state institutions, volunteer information warriors and independent media.

Some good and bad news at the same time

Last week in the Kremlin propaganda media: A surprisingly widespread article about Estonia’s positive side and recent propaganda attacks related to World War II memorials.

China’s Social Media platform is influencing the minds of young people

The new Social Media platform TikTok is gaining popularity and users. It has already been accused of ideologically targeting and permitting sexual harassment of minors.

Whitelist: quality Russian-language media

Here is the first part of an overview grouping together trustworthy, non-propaganda Russian-language media channels. Share the list with your Russian speaking acquaintances!

The Iranian propaganda machine is using Russia as a role model

What are the objectives of Iran’s influence activities? What are the tactics of the endless one-day Mayfly network? Read more about it on Propastop’s analysis!

Kremlin online propaganda fighter # 1- Ben Nimmo

Ben Nimmo is one of the leading experts and activists on the Kremlin’s influence activities in social media networks.