News word – Baltophobia

Latvian actor and political commentator Andris Lielais sent out an idea on a program at the Latvian radio station Baltcom that Russia is currently suffering from Baltophobia.

New propaganda techniques from Sputnik

Sputnik upgrades its arsenal of techniques, with which to legitimize press releases and increase visibility and its influence.

Only today! Boshirov and Petrov are having a lecture presentation in Tallinn!

Propastop is proud to report the success of our organizing team: they were able to bring both Ruslan Boširov and Aleksandr Petrov to Estonia to speak about their work.

Media competency week

On March 18th, a European wide media competency week began, where Estonia’s guiding principle was „ Think before you share“.

Media overview – February

In February, the month before Election Day, the Estonian media covered media influencing by writing about manipulation in digital environments.

Did foreign sources influence the Estonian elections?

There were attempts from behind border to influence the recent Parliamentary elections with biased reporting as well as apparently with fake accounts.

Are you distributing Sputnik infographics as well?

In the last month, the dissemination of infographics created by the Kremlin propaganda channel Sputnik has become more noticeable in Estonian-language social media.

What impact can social media have on military exercises?

NATO’s Stratcom COE Analysis „Today’s digital space and its dangers for members of the Defense Forces“ looked at the data left by people in social media environments and the ability to influence national defence processes.

The Kremlin election compass

Who is in the Kremlin’s favour in the Estonian Parliamentary elections? Which political parties and politicians are under the control of our Eastern neighbours?

How do you clean up Facebook?

What solutions make it possible to have a cleaner Estonian language Facebook environment?