What do Middle East migrant groups write about Estonia?

Migrants from Iraq share information among each other in Facebook groups. Read what they post about Estonia.

Zapad 2021 is quietly drifting into the picture

Two and a half weeks remain until September 10, when the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad2021 will begin.

Are the clashes in Lithuania possible in Estonia as well?

Who attacked the Lithuanian Parliament last week and are there preconditions for initiating a similar uprising in Estonia?

Teterin and Hantsom launch a new Kremlin portal “Compatriots”

Igor Teterin and Allan Hantsom contribute to the launch of the new “Zemlyak” portal, which addresses mass statelessness, discrimination of Russian-language education, harassment of journalists and social inequality.

Propastop Library: Peter Pomerantsev “This is not propaganda”

A book that provides an overview of the forms in which information manipulation has developed in the world, using abundant examples.

Five years of Estonian fact-checking

Estonia has been dealing with fact-checking five years. What has been accomplished during this time?

What is the state of China’s Social Credit System

The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence in Riga published an overview of Dr. Gulizar Haciyakupoglu’s extensive analysis, which focused on the Social Credit System (SCS) being developed in China.

This summer’s propaganda heat record was broken

Henn Põlluaasa’s statements together with the detention of the Estonian consul brought a record of propaganda stories in the Kremlin’s media during the last six months.

Belarusian propaganda is similar to that of the Soviet Union and is based on Russia’s experience

In a country where there has been no clear expression of ideology for years, and no talk of tendencies towards propaganda, everything has changed in recent months.

EURO 2020: recognizable narratives abound with the beginning of EURO 2020

Propastop’s area of interest is on non-sporting battles that reveal ideologies and opposing propagandistic narratives around the European Championships.