How Kremlin propaganda is trying to turn Poland against Ukraine

Although Poland’s relations with Russia have almost never been warm, according to recent surveys, only 2% of Poles view Russia positively. This sentiment is fueled by Russian attacks, and today Propastop describes the three most significant malicious narratives that Russia directs against Poland.

Runes in Modern Warfare: Ideological and Propaganda Weapon

Ancient runic symbols have once again become the focus of modern warfare, playing a key role in propaganda and ideology. Amid Russian aggression against Ukraine, these historical symbols have become tools for asserting claims of historical continuity and cultural roots. How are these symbols used in contemporary conflicts? Why have they regained popularity, and what role do they play in propaganda warfare?

Aivo Peterson received 11,507 votes: a disappointment for some, a relief for others

“Let this time have a common denominator of truth, justice, and humanity – Aivo Peterson!” urged candidate 101 in the election clip recorded in prison. However, for the Kremlin, Aivo Peterson’s election result was a disappointment, while for Estonia, it was a relief.

Candidate 101: pro-Russian Aivo Peterson running his European Parliament election campaign from custody

The “Peterson phenomenon” is causing excitement in the European Parliament elections – will Aivo Peterson achieve the same powerful result as in last year’s Riigikogu elections, and will the Center Party not be represented in the European Parliament at all due to his votes? Propastop reviews the campaign of the co-chairman of the Koos party.

Ott Järvela: The Paris Olympics prove Russia’s defeat

50 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Paris, Propastop evaluates with the help of sports journalists Ott Järvela and Raul Rebane, how these games affect the image of Russia. “Unfortunately, Russian athletes are still present in Paris, but despite this, the Paris Olympics symbolize, celebrate and prove Russia’s defeat on the sports field,” Järvela confirms.
“Russia will lose 50–70 medals due to its aggression against Ukraine, purely through its own fault,” adds Raul Rebane.

Why does Russia provoke NATO states?

Russia’s hybrid warfare against the West escalated last week with multiple provocations occurring along the NATO border. Propastop investigates the underlying motives behind these actions

Have the songs of Russian musicians supporting the war disappeared from the radio?

Russian singers who support Russia’s aggression, like Filipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan, have long been banned from performing in Estonia. However, Propastop investigated whether their songs are still being played on Estonian radio stations.

Turning the Tables: How Propaganda Backfires and Fuels Counter-Movements

Propaganda often backfires, giving the targeted side clever ways to turn the message around. From name confusion to manipulated images, misinformation spreads easily. Recent examples from May 2024 highlight these tactics and the importance of media literacy to counteract them.

Propastop analysis: Russian propaganda attacks the legitimacy of the Ukrainian President

As President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s nominal term ends on 20 May, Kremlin propaganda attacks the credibility of the Ukrainian Head of State in the eyes of his most important allies and seeks to undermine the President’s legitimacy in the eyes of Ukrainians.

Numerous. But how capable? What is the state of the Belarusian army in 2024?

President Alexander Lukashenko frequently participates in Kremlin-led information operations and often uses aggressive language. Most recently, he threatened to launch a “pre-emptive strike” against Lithuania in response to perceived NATO threats. In light of this, Propastop offers an assessment of the real combat capabilities of the Belarusian army.