Coronavirus spring and May 9.

This year, it is recommended to avoid large Victory Day gatherings. Instead, there is various information on the Internet for alternative celebrations of that day. Propastop reviews them.

Propaganda in a humorous manner

Propastop decided to celebrate Estonia’s Midsummers day and also our Victory day on 23th of June, with a bit of entertainment. For this reason, we searched the internet to find anecdotes and jokes in Russian.

May 9. passed calmly

In spite of the efforts of the Kremlin propaganda channels, yesterday was a conflict free day in Estonia. There were also no major disputes in the media.


According to Gerasimov’s doctrine, informational influencing is an integral part of Russia’s military activity. Based on Georgian and Ukraine examples, there were big military exercises near to their borders before the military campaign against them began. Also, there was an increase of hostile propaganda flow.

This time modestly

On the period of 9th of May, it was noticeable how fewer St George ribbons were worn. On previous years it has become accustomed, that the St George Ribbons have been widespread, worn on cars, clothes, flowers, etc.

Concepts, misinformation and Russia

In January, the Estonian media wrote about the formation of concepts and meanings, the Navalny process and its media coverage in Russia, as well as the need for more official fact-checking.

A history club that feeds propaganda media

The Club Front Line is connected with anti-Estonian influence activities through the Russian Embassy and propaganda media.

The Russian embassy is increasing Facebook activity

The activity of the Russian embassy in distributing propaganda messages has increased. Posts related to history and Soviet nostalgia are being widely distributed.

What are the stages of the coronavirus crisis?

Every crisis has certain stages and so does the coronavirus. At what stage are we in this crisis?

Who controls the past, controls the future

Russia’s need to distort and interpret history to their own benefit, especially the historical facts related to World War II, is nothing new, but with the 75th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War this year, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine has been particularly forceful.