Zapad 2021 is quietly drifting into the picture

Two and a half weeks remain until September 10, when the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad2021 will begin.

Correct answers to the picture puzzle game

See if you were able to solve all four puzzles correctly?

Answers to the picture game

How did you do with the Propastop Midsummer picture game? Compare your results and solutions with the correct answers.

Answers to the picture game

Were you able to figure out Propastop’s St. John’s Day picture game? Compare your results and solutions with the right answers.

The last two gifts have been delivered

Santa’s concern with finding the last two addresses have now been resolved. The addresses have been found and gifts received.

The fight against fake accounts: five lessons learned

Facebook has now closed several #ESTexitEU topic related fake accounts. What can we learn from the incident?

Where you able to find the right answer?

We are revealing the correct solution to the week old blog image-solving game today. Read more about how to identify the address of the shown photo.

How Kremlin propaganda is trying to turn Poland against Ukraine

Although Poland’s relations with Russia have almost never been warm, according to recent surveys, only 2% of Poles view Russia positively. This sentiment is fueled by Russian attacks, and today Propastop describes the three most significant malicious narratives that Russia directs against Poland.

Propaganda. Powered by AI .

The development of artificial intelligence poses new challenges in the fight against misinformation – AI is learning not only to generate texts in small languages, which it previously struggled with, but also to make images that are hardly distinguishable from real ones.
Let’s check.
Do you think this image is of a real person or an image generated by artificial intelligence? You will find the answer in the article.

Hamas propaganda strategy: the worse the better

Hamas leaders have understood very well that it is difficult for them to succeed militarily, but that the military success of the Jewish state can be used very successfully against it in the information field. How do they do this?