Which TV programs make PBK a propaganda channel?

Not everything shown on PBK is propaganda. However, there are still enough propaganda programs on the channel as to not diminish PBK’s role as a tool for the Kremlin’s influence activities.

The problems surrounding PBK have not yet received much attention by the Kremlin

Although PBK has a much larger audience and influence than Sputnik Estonia, the stories about the suspension of its news service in Russia have not received much attention.

Ten circles around PBK

The editorial staff of Propastop reviewed the storm of discussions created by Raul Rebane’s article on the permissibility of purchasing airtime on the PBK channel and tried to understand what is being discussed.

ERR shares its news in pro-Kremlin groups

The Russian-language editorial board of ERR must stop posting its news in groups that actively share anti-Estonian propaganda channels.

The Estonian Internet Foundation is violating sanctions against Russia through a Danish company

EU sanctions have been imposed on Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Kisselyov. Despite this, a company run by Kisseljov has registered Internet domains in Estonia.

Propaganda in the month of October

In October, Estonian press publications were rather modest in writing about propaganda and information manipulation.

The Kremlin media called the closing of Tallinn TV as Russophobic

Russia’s propaganda media presented the closing of TTV as harassment of a Russian-language media channel. Old fake news on the topic was also posted.

Propaganda in the month of August

In August, the majority of stories on influence activities and propaganda focused on either allowing or restricting the Kremlin’s media distribution in Estonia.

Postimees is not the problem

Criticism of the Postimees Group’s decision to broker advertising to Russian TV channels, shifted the focus away from the real problem.

Vremya incites hatred against Ukrainians working in Estonia

The TV news channel Pervõi’s Tuesday’s news release depicted a vivid image of the Estonian labour market. The episode is part of the Kremlin’s new propaganda rhetoric, which seeks to link Ukrainians working in Estonia with problems.