The FB webpage attacking Estonia’s methods to fight the coronavirus is associated with the Kremlin’s networks of influence

The Facebook webpage Za Buduštšeje is actively fighting against Estonian coronavirus policy. The site’s carriers have worked with activists spreading the Kremlin’s messages.

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 5.

A network that deals with teaching the Russian language but is financially and ideologically supported by the Kremlin Soft Power fund, Russki Mir. Read more!

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 4.

We added a group to our chart whose underlying motive is to blame Estonia as a supporter of fascism.

Russia related networks in Estonia Part 3.

This time we give an overview of the Komsomolskaja Pravda newspaper and the organizations and individuals involved in the Impressum discussion club.

Russia-related networks in Estonia Part 2

We drew an Estonian branch to the Kremlin media network diagram. Read more about it!

Russia – related networks in Estonia Part 1.

Propastop has reviewed the organizations and related people named in the KAPO (Estonian Internal Security Service) yearbook.

Ukrainian NGO framed as a kill-list by Russian propaganda

After Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, several Trump supporters and Russian media outlets have asserted that Carlson is being added to a Ukrainian kill-list, citing the Ukrainian website Myrotvorets. However, a question arises: is Myrotvorets an actual kill-list, or is it presented as one through propaganda? Propastop takes a closer look.

Russia’s Strategic Narrative: Examining the Rhetoric Surrounding the Potential Return of Alaska

President Putin’s recent decree allocating funds for the research and registration of Russian property abroad has raised eyebrows, particularly amidst the Ukraine conflict. While the decree avoids explicit mention of Alaska, military bloggers hint at its potential use to contest the 1867 sale. This narrative, echoing historical claims, strategically serves Russia’s domestic and international interests by evoking nationalism, diverting attention from internal issues, and asserting geopolitical strength. Despite these efforts, practical challenges and strong international opposition make the actual return of Alaska highly improbable.

Romania’s A7 Highway in the Crosshairs of Russian Propaganda

Romania’s ambitious A7 Highway Project has found itself entangled in the web of Russian propaganda. As disinformation weaves narratives around Romania’s alleged hidden intentions to seize Ukrainian territory, discover the real story behind this crucial infrastructure venture and debunk the myths created by Russian propaganda.

Unmasking Deception: Russia’s Covert Campaigns Explored in Latest Microsoft Threat Report

Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center’s latest report highlights concerning trends in Russian digital threats. It exposes the exploitation of Western celebrities in anti-Ukraine propaganda, involving manipulated videos shared on pro-Russian social media. Additionally, the report reveals Russian efforts to exploit the Israel-Hamas conflict to spread false narratives against Ukraine.