The Kremlin is reviving Red Army monuments in Estonia

A Red Army monument was „reopened“ in Tallinn less than a month ago. This Spring promises to bring further World War II related propaganda actions.

Narrative X-ray: The Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War narrative portrays the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany as a heroic and messianic mission that has to be continued, emphasizing the sacrifices made by Soviet soldiers. It aims to shape collective memory and justify Russia’s military aggression while downplaying dark chapters of Soviet history.

Billions for Russian propaganda

Estonia’s government plans to increase VAT on journalism from five percent to nine percent. Priit Hõbemägi, the editor-in-chief of Postimees newspaper, said when commenting on the news that “The increase in sales tax comes at a time when Russia is investing more and more money in influencing the mindset of Estonian people with propaganda, false … Continue reading Billions for Russian propaganda

US magazine Jacobin veers into atrocity denialism

Author Adam J Sacks defended the Nazi-Soviet pact, denied the occupation of the Baltic states, argued Soviet rule was a blessing, and made numerous poorly researched claims that attracted ridicule across social media.

‘Valerian’ is a new Propastop initiative to reach our Russian neighbours

Attacks on Estonia’s information space have increased dramatically since the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Project Valerian aims to tackle the problem at its source.

Social media rumours unable to hamper peaceful relocation of Narva tank

Despite differences of opinion, all parties worked together to prevent conflict during the relocation of a Soviet monument in Narva.

ERR, speaker for the Russian Embassy

The Russian-language editorial board of the National Broadcasting writes more about the activities of the Russian embassy than about the activities of all the other embassies in Estonia combined. Why are there so many pro-Kremlin articles?

Propaganda Horoscope 2021

We are looking towards the beginning of 2021 and we will try to predict what this will bring to Estonia on the battlefield of propaganda.

Soviet symbols in public

The sickle and hammer and the red star are still displayed in hundreds of public places in Estonia. The use of Soviet symbols at public events is still not prohibited in Estonia.

A history club that feeds propaganda media

The Club Front Line is connected with anti-Estonian influence activities through the Russian Embassy and propaganda media.