Narrative X-ray: russkii mir (russian world)

The current article is also available in Estonian and Russian.  Propastop starts with a new section, the purpose of which is to shed light on the various narratives used in propaganda – to show where they come from, why they are used as such and what is intended to be achieved by their dissemination. First, … Continue reading Narrative X-ray: russkii mir (russian world)

Narrative X-Ray: russkii mir (russian world)

The concept of a ‘russian world’ is increasingly promoted by the Kremlin, underpinning much of its propaganda. We explore where it came from, how it’s used by propagandists, and what it hopes to achieve.

Events in the Czech Republic overshadowed the Night of the Bronze Soldier in the Russian media

The annual recalling of the Night of the Bronze Soldier in the Russian media was buried under other themes this year, from reactions to Czech issues to the Finno-Ugric Congress.

The Pealtnägija (Eyewitness) TV program caused a wave of propaganda

The Pealtnägija story of US Special Forces stationed in Estonia was used to spread one of the Kremlin’s basic propaganda myths.

A memorial erected for an organizer of mass deportations

At the end of September, Arnold Meri, a hero of the USSR and an organizer of the March mass deportations had a monument erected in his memory. Read how the Estonian Russian language media wrote about the event.

Estonian E-state in the clutches of the Kremlin media

So far The Estonian E-state has been discussed very little in the Russian media. Recently the TVC talk show discussed the digital nation, of course thickly in the propaganda channel’s characteristic way. Read about here!

Propaganda news on the Estonian economy is expected

The propaganda horoscope will focus this time on four topics that may be actively reported in the Russian media over the coming months.

Accusations of falsifying history in the Kremlin media this week

In the beginning of November, the Russian media blamed the Baltic nations of rewriting history. The accusations on this topic were published by RuBaltic as well as shown during a one hour propaganda campaign on the Russian Defence Ministry owned television station Zvezda

Estonian cover girls and boys on Russian TV

Today we offer an overview of the people who are representing Estonia on Russian television channels. At the same time, we are offering an idea on how to find new opinion leaders who are associated with Estonia. Read about it here!

A cemetary in Jõhvi torched a propaganda attack

A cemetery in Estonian town Jõhvi caused lots of discussion on Russian media. This case has become a pretext for blaming Estonians as being Russophobe, minority discriminations, fabricating history and practising fascism.