The Russian media was full of news about USA soldiers being injured at Nurmsi Air Base

The fact that American paratroopers sustained injuries upon landing during the Swift Response Airborne jump exercise was reported over robustly in the Russian media

Kremlin channels are overemphasizing the propagandist’s entry ban

Estonian authorities restricted Izvestija worker Andrei Zakharov from entering Europe. The case is currently receiving a lot of attention in the Russian media, including an ongoing propaganda attack.

This is how the propaganda machine is controlled

Let us summarize recent articles in the world media that open up the hidden backdrop of the functioning of the Russian propaganda media.

New falsifications in the airwaves: The Jõhvi cemetery story has further developments.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the occurrences at the Jõhvi cemetery, where a letter sent to the county administration by private individuals received biased reports in the Russian media. New elements were added last week to the case where on the 4th of July.

The bust of Harald Nugiseks nurtures propaganda media 

One Estonian school opened a bust of Harald Nugieks, an Estonian soldier in German army during World War II. Kremlin propaganda media labelled Estonia immediately as a nazi state.