Was the Moscow terrorist attack carried out as a false flag operation?

Russia and strategic communication specialists Ilmar Raag, Peeter Tali, and Marko Mihkelson analyze whether the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack could have involved the use of false flag techniques.

Narrative X-ray: Russkyi Mir for domestic use

In the current Narrative X-ray, Propastop delves into how Russkii Mir propaganda played a significant role in securing Vladimir Putin’s reelection for an additional six years. This narrative highlights how such propaganda has shaped a widespread belief among Russians in Russia’s military prowess, particularly through its influence on mass culture.

Five reasons for Vladimir Putin’s “election victory”.

Propastop offers a comprehensive analysis of the factors contributing to Putin’s triumphant “election campaign” this year. From extensive propaganda campaigns to the notable absence of viable competitors, these elements have played a pivotal role in securing Putin’s continued dominance in Russian politics.

NAFO works – a fella shares his experience combating propaganda online

NAFO are its dedicated members, affectionately known as “fellas,” who tirelessly battle Russian disinformation daily. Probably, no one has encountered more interactions with vatniks than them. Estonian NAFO fella Jaanus is an online fighter against propaganda, working tirelessly to debunk falsehoods and promote truth in the digital sphere. His efforts are instrumental in countering the spread of Kremlin narratives online. 
In our recent discussion, Propastop sat down with Jaanus to delve into their experiences combating disinformation online. Jaanus shared insights into their journey so far and the challenges they’ve encountered in their battle against false narratives.

Rainer Saks: In the information war, a stalemate persists between Ukraine and Russia.

War blogger and former head of foreign intelligence Rainer Saks says in an interview with Propastop: Russia does not currently have great military enthusiasm, although a lot of patriotic shows are being made. Ukraine’s first serious problem is the inability to explain the necessity of additional mobilization. The presidential elections paralyzed US security policy, weakening the country’s role as a global leader.

History: Russian desinformation Operation about the March bombing of Narva

The Estonian History Museum collection houses the so-called Nuremberg Trials album, containing images captured in Narva at the end and aftermath of World War II, depicting destroyed buildings. These were presented by the Soviet authorities as ‘evidence’ of German atrocities.

Lake NATO: Russia’s reactions in words and actions

On Monday, February 24, the Hungarian parliament approved Sweden’s accession to NATO, marking a historic turning point for the Nordic country, which maintained its neutrality during two world wars and the Cold War.

How has Russia reacted to the claim that the Baltic Sea has effectively become an internal NATO sea?