Narrative X-ray: Does Russia want peace?

Russia claims it wants peace and is not to blame for starting wars, but the facts show that the narrative systematically repeated by key Kremlin figures is false. In the same way, Russia’s calls for peace with Ukraine are hollow, because fulfilling the conditions set as its basis would mean suicide for Ukraine.

Narrative X-ray: In conclusion

Throughout the previous year, Propastop analyzed various Russian narratives and propaganda campaigns in a separate section, starting with the narrative of the Russian world. These analyzes were called narrative x-rays, where public data were used as x-rays to reveal the structure of the narrative. In the column, many different narratives were illuminated with the help … Continue reading Narrative X-ray: In conclusion

Decoding Christmas Headlines: Insights into Russia’s Tactics

Recent articles during the festive season reveal Russia’s diplomatic moves: a potential NATO threat, Putin’s peace signals, and a disputed German-American plan for Ukraine. Propastop dissects these narratives, uncovering geopolitical strategies. Russia may aim to shape global views, particularly on military aid to Ukraine, using subtle cues to influence decisions or postpone support.

Santa Claus Enlists: The Jolly Icon’s Role in US War Propaganda

“War takes no holiday!” reads the 1942 Christmas poster. The legend of Santa Claus, rooted in St. Nicholas celebrations, underwent commercial evolution. During wartime, Santa became a symbol of patriotism, utilized in propaganda efforts to boost morale and emphasize collective support for wartime initiatives.

Russia’s Traditional War Narratives – How Putin Successfully Uses Them?

Russia’s historical war narrative is largely defined by miraculous transformations that turn even the most humiliating defeats into triumphs. Analysis of Russia’s historical war narrative and the ongoing Ukraine conflict reveals the crucial role of narratives in shaping public opinion and supporting president Putin.

Debunking Disinformation: Former NATO Commander’s Words Twisted in Russian Propaganda Blitz

Russian channels have circulated a fabricated narrative, falsely asserting that former NATO Commander Stavridis “acknowledges the strength of the Russian Army and casts doubt on the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” exposes the distortion of such statements.

Youth in the Crossfire: Inside the Propaganda School of Occupied Melitopol

Recent revelations expose occupiers’ insidious efforts in Ukraine, employing propaganda and manipulation to influence vulnerable youth. Initiatives like MediaTopol – Kremlin-funded “blogger school”, reveal a calculated attempt to infiltrate local communities, targeting impressionable minds. The Center of National Resistance’s vigilance emphasizes the need for awareness and resilience against external influences.

Unmasking Deception: Russia’s Covert Campaigns Explored in Latest Microsoft Threat Report

Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center’s latest report highlights concerning trends in Russian digital threats. It exposes the exploitation of Western celebrities in anti-Ukraine propaganda, involving manipulated videos shared on pro-Russian social media. Additionally, the report reveals Russian efforts to exploit the Israel-Hamas conflict to spread false narratives against Ukraine.

Narrative X-ray: How the Western press unwittingly supports Kremlin narratives

In December, Mart Reimann, a tourism consultant, took an SUV, bought with money donated by Belarusians and refurbished in Estonia ready for combat, to a marine unit near Kherson. The grateful Marines had just returned from a mission across the Dnipro River the night before but showed him around the city of Kherson and the … Continue reading Narrative X-ray: How the Western press unwittingly supports Kremlin narratives

The Kremlin conquers Latin America

At the beginning of August, an article was published in Spanish with the provocative title “Why are sacred objects being taken from Ukraine to the West?”. This is an early stage of an influence operation aimed at winning hearts and sympathies for Russia throughout Latin America.