Cheap manipulation of an “inexpensive way to fight against Russia”

Editorial team at exposes false news about Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna’s alleged statement. He emphasized that Ukrainians are fighting for European values and international law in the face of Russian aggression, not an ‘inexpensive way to fight Russia.

Rakvere products in Russian propaganda

Zoja Paljamar, a Russian propagandist from Estonia, raises questions about sanctions and authenticity in her recent Facebook post, highlighting the presence of Estonian products in the St. Petersburg store. Rakvere company denies exporting to Russia, making this case a remarkable propaganda scenario worth closer examination.

The World Map of Fakesperts

Read this article in Estonian Read this article in Russian  The Insider, an investigative journalism publication, has compiled an intriguing interactive map of fake experts in Western countries—in Europe, America, and even Australia. In other words, these are pseudo-experts who spread Kremlin-friendly disinformation in the countries where they live or work. Among them are many … Continue reading The World Map of Fakesperts

Narrative X-ray: are Ukrainian children being deported or rescued?

Amidst the chaos of war in Ukraine, Russian authorities claim to be the saviors of Ukrainian orphans and vulnerable children. But is this narrative grounded in reality? Dive into The Narrative X-ray for an in-depth investigation into the truth behind Russia’s rescue claims.

Russia’s Ongoing Pattern of Disavowal in International Incidents

In recent developments in the Baltic Sea region, concerns over critical infrastructure security have arisen, with suspicions of Russian involvement. Russian authorities have denied any connection to these incidents. This pattern of denial extends to various international incidents, with Russia employing different strategies.

Narrative X-ray: doesn’t Russia need the West?

Russia promotes the idea that it doesn’t need to trade with Western countries and can rely on the rest of the world for trade. However, this narrative could lead to a divided world, making everyone poorer. While Russia emphasizes having allies and avoiding Western goods, the reality is that developing countries need to engage with the West for economic growth. Additionally, expanding groups like BRICS may create more tensions and lack a clear common goal. So, despite resisting Western influence, engaging with Western nations is crucial for economic development of “Global South”.

Unraveling the Link Between Nord Stream and BalticConnector Incidents

On September 26, 2022, covert bombings and gas leaks damaged the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, sparking speculation about the culprits. A year later, on October 8, Gasgrid Finland and Elering detected a pressure drop in the BalticConnector pipeline, accompanied by damage to a cable owned by Estonian company Elisa. Are these incidents connected?

Narrative X-ray: The impact of economic sanctions on Russia

Western countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia for nine years, but the Kremlin claims they are ineffective, while multiple sources suggest the Russian economy is far from doing great.

The Lack of Ethics in Ukraine’s Information Warfare

Over the past five weeks, 898 incidents of media manipulation leading to the dissemination of misinformation have been documented in Ukraine. The goal is to mislead readers and strengthen Russia’s position in the armed conflict.

Narrative X-ray: the legend of the economy of the Soviet Union as the source of prosperity for the entire Eastern Bloc

Russia’s narrative claiming the former Eastern Bloc’s success is rooted in a strong Soviet-era economy aims to boost domestic confidence and garner international support. However, skepticism arises as economic data and post-Soviet realities challenge this narrative. Evidence from Estonia and other nations counters claims of dependence, highlighting substantial economic transformations and diminishing the notion that success in the region relies on Russia’s past contributions.