Leader of the Koos (Together) party Oleg Ivanov: Estonia is preparing a provocation against Russia


The NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12 is also being watched with interest by the Russian media. Possible next steps for the alliance are outlined and, as expected, topics that sow panic and have little to do with real life are lamented. Let’s take a closer look at the two biggest ones: the NATO contingent in Ukraine and the evacuation of Narva for the purpose of turning it into a NATO base.


Rogov: A NATO contingent may be sent to Ukraine after the Vilnius summit

As a result of the alliance summit in Vilnius on July 11-12, a limited contingent of NATO countries, especially Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, may be brought to Ukraine. Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the   “We are with Russia” movement, announced this to TASS on Thursday.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda said earlier in an interview with BNS that Ukraine will receive their proposals at the NATO summit, which will not disappoint Ukrainians, but they are not confirmations of acceptance into the alliance after the cessation of hostilities.

“Zelensky’s plans include a nuclear provocation in Ukraine to try to push through the decision made at the NATO summit to bring in a limited contingent of occupation forces from Poland and the Baltic republics. This is the legalization of the occupation in the format of nuclear security in the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime. Such a formula is being actively discussed in the [Ukrainian] president’s office,” Rogov said.

Speaking about the territories where such a contingent could be brought, Rogov pointed out that the Polish elite is interested in the regions of Western Ukraine. “Depending on the greed of Polish officials, the so-called “Eastern territories” does not mean only Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, but also other territories,” Rogov noted.


Ivanov: The city of Narva is being emptied in order to build a NATO base there

In an interview with the Baltnews portal on 29 June, crypto businessman Oleg Ivanov, the leading figure of the political party Koos, who is currently in Russia, said that Estonia is deliberately preparing a military provocation against Russia with the participation of NATO. Ivanov confirmed that NATO is actively building military bases in Estonia. To do this, cities are emptied of population. And Moscow must be careful with Tallinn’s provocations.

“The city of Narva is being emptied in order to build a NATO base there. Practically next to St. Petersburg – 100 kilometres! A few minutes – and the rocket is already in St. Petersburg! All this will happen within the next two years. So Russia can expect a military provocation from Estonia if Russia sleeps in the same way as it has slept in Ukraine,” he said.

It is noteworthy that a week has passed from the revealing speech of the “Estonian politician” to the comments of various experts. And suddenly Ivanov’s words surfaced again and “political scientists” began to actively comment on them.

Political scientist Juri Svetov proposed a version that Estonia could organize some kind of provocation. In an audio interview given to Izvestia magazine, he said: “Estonia has been a member of NATO for many years, so we take into account all the threats that may arise from there. But the suicidal policy of the Estonian authorities may lead to the fact that in this rush of Russophobia and confidence that the USA will protect them in any case, they may commit some kind of such activities.”


The political scientist did not specify what he meant by “activity”. But on the other hand, he hit back with a threat to the Baltic States and Poland, which, according to Svetov, are confident in Article 5 of the NATO charter: “Until they get an understandable and very tangible click from the Russian armed forces, they will get this conviction.” And he summed up that it was said that Estonia was essentially an arena where other countries fought. And now he probably feels that after two world wars, he himself is one of the main players in the confrontation between the great powers.

The message was picked up by a colleague and an additional expert. The attempt to provoke another conflict near the Russian border is the wish of the USA, to which Estonia and its leadership have so far blindly obeyed. This is how Oleg Glazunov, an expert of the Association of Military Policy Scientists and an associate professor at the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics, expressed himself in a conversation with the Regnum news agency.

The publication tsargrad.ru also decided to comment on Ivanov’s statements, but under the more specific headline “Estonia is preparing to strike back against Russia!”. In addition, it can be read in the article that NATO is also building other bases in the Baltics. Finland is next, and if the Swedes are lucky, then Sweden. In response, Russia plans to deploy a new army corps on the country’s northwestern border, including several divisions and brigades trained and adapted to conduct combat operations in the Arctic zone.

According to Propastop’s reliable information, organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Defense have no plans to establish military bases along the state border.

Let it be said that Oleg Ivanov has previously expressed his “concern” about the establishment of NATO bases in Estonia. For example, on March 2, the Belarusian propaganda channel Belta broadcast an article in which Ivanov said the following:

“The government cuts down 3,500 hectares of protected forests and builds NATO bases there in order to pose a threat to Russia from Estonia,” said Oleg Ivanov.


We remind you that Oleg Ivanov decided to lead the party from Russia. He justified his departure from Estonia by the fact that after the arrest of his friend and party ally Aivo Peterson, it became clear that one day Estonian Internal Security Service would come after him.

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